Karajan 0.1

Karajan Karajan is a music and ear trainer for the iPhone (I totally stole that from the description in the Installer!). Anyway, this app is very detail and very well put together. What it does is play either an Intervals, Chords or Scales…based on the option you have selected at the top. Once it has played it…you then tap on the options on the screen that you think matches what it played. So, for example, if you are in Chords, after it has played the chord…you would tap on either Major, Minor, Augmented, Diminished or Suspended based on what chord you think it played. If you get it right you get a green thumbs up, if you get it wrong you get a red thumbs down (it shows you what the correct answer is by highlighting it green). It will also display, just below the upper menu bar, the total units played and how many of those you got right or wrong. It also puts your score in the Statistics where you get an complete overview of how you have done.

There are a ton of options in the Settings for this app…you have to check it out to get the depth of the options. But, here is a quick overview; you can choose the volume of the output, the instrument it uses, the difficulty of the lesson, the Keynote, the Play mode, whether Autoplay or Reverse play are on/off and adjust the tempo! However, there are a ton of setting inside each of those setting (see screenshots below)…it is a really well done app! If you are iterested in music even a little…you will love this app! Karajan is available through the ModMyiFone.com source. Screenshots below!

Karajan 0.1 Karajan 0.1 Karajan 0.1 Karajan 0.1 Karajan 0.1 Karajan 0.1 Karajan 0.1 Karajan 0.1 Karajan 0.1 Karajan 0.1 Karajan 0.1 Karajan 0.1 Karajan 0.1

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  1. Wow, this app looks interesting even though it does have a misleading name i would have never though of it as a music application.

  2. Don’t work on 1.1.1

  3. atrophic says

    I couldn’t get it to launch on 1.1.2

    • I could only get it to run on FW 1.1.3 and above!

    • Hmmm. It was developed and tested on 1.1.2, so it should work with 1.1.2 without problems. It doesn’t work on 1.1.1 thats right. And sorry guys, I don’t have the time to make it work on 1.1.1 or older.

  4. byronchurch says

    I’m also having problems getting more than 1 note . Interesting though !

  5. Works great on 1.1.4. I’ve only used the interval and chords. I have no real interest in the scales. It’s been very stable, so I hope they get it to work on lower versions.

    I spent all of last night teaching ear training to my gf. It was quite fun. I’m a music school grad, so this is a great app to keep my ears “tuned”. At some point it would be great if the quality of the instruments improve a bit, since the higher samples are a bit lacking in tonal depth. :-p

    Somewhat unrelated question. Aren’t all the unlocking and jailbreaking methods up to date enough to warrant upgrading to 1.1.4? What is holding some of you back in the older firmwares? Just curious.

    • I haven’t updated as I have 187 packages installed and reinstalling them would be very annoying. I also have a lot of customizations, sounds and such, that wouldn’t be fun to reapply. But mostly it’s because there are as many apps that don’t work on 1.1.3+ as there are that don’t work on versions prior to that.

  6. Beautiful app. I love it!

  7. Just released KARAJAN 0.2. Whats new?

    – Better sound quality
    – More Instruments
    – Less Bugs (found the memory leak)

    Have fun,

  8. Hi! I really like the app too!
    Is there a way to get more intervals? “Beginner” is the only level selectable. Is there a fee-based version that contains more levels?
    Thanks, Dan