iTunes 7.6.2

Well, I finally had a chance to update my iTunes to version 7.6.2! Oh…for those of you who don’t know…there is an update to iTunes! :) It is a 66.19MB download and below is what Apple has to say about version 7.6.2.

Rent and download your favorite movies with iTunes on your computer or directly to your living room on Apple TV. Enjoy rented movies in sizes up to 720p HD with surround sound on your Apple TV and sizes up to DVD-quality on your computer. Transfer your rented movies from iTunes to your iPod or iPhone and enjoy them on the go.

Also, purchase and download your favorite TV shows, music, and more directly on your Apple TV. Effortlessly transfer purchases made on Apple TV back to your computer with iTunes.

iTunes 7.6.2 provides bug fixes to improve stability and performance.

So, there you go! Who doesn’t love updates!

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  1. DA187SUSPECT says

    Do any of you know if video rentals are available in Canada yet?

  2. quasimoto says

    Wasn’t this update released like a month ago?