MobileTwitter 1.4

MobileTwitter I am very excited about this app. I use twitter and have been using with great success. Now, to have it on my iPhone as an app! This app has all kinds of feature:

Your timeline (you + those you follow)
Direct messages
Public timeline
Updating your Twitter status
Reply directly to tweets from MobileTwitter
Open Tweets in MobileSafari (handy for clicking on links..)
Direct message authors of tweets

Future Plans: integration
Manual refresh
Offline storage of recent tweets
Replies view
Staring/Favoriting Tweets
Better chinese character support..
Bug fixes for tweets that don’t fit in their box..
Landscape mode for Update view

The only thing I don’t like about this app is that the keyboard is slid up just a bit and when I go to hit the spacebar I hit the different options at the bottom. My favorite feature is that I can open Tweets in Safari so I can click on links that are posted. This is available through the source.

MobileTwitter 1.4 MobileTwitter 1.4 Login MobileTwitter 1.4 Public Timeline MobileTwitter 1.4 Timeline MobileTwitter 1.4 Action MobileTwitter 1.4 Updating MobileTwitter 1.4 Messages MobileTwitter 1.4 Replies

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  1. I love the app–it’s very well done–but, I HATE the icon–it’s all bitmapped and looks AWFUL! Comon, guys–an app that is this good has to have a beautiful icon. Someone call the Icon Factory!

  2. I needed to add the repo in this way:
    Because the one in the list (without .xml) haven’t worked for me.

    The app? niice. Only thing I don’t like are:
    -there’s no way to change refresh time
    -no resident version, to run in background (would be awesome)

    But it’s great by the moment.

  3. Twitter is the bomb digity!

  4. mark wilcox says

    hmm, i prefer the webapp.

  5. Cool! One of my twitters is in there!

  6. I installed it from STE, but it always crashed on my 1.1.4 …

    At last, I uninstalled it @_@

  7. This app is was better than the failure called Twinkle.