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YAY! It’s time for a new poll! The last poll was – What do you own…iPhone or iPod Touch? And, after one week of voting, below are the results:

8GB iPod Touch (12%, 268 Votes)
16GB iPod Touch (10%, 222 Votes)
32GB iPod Touch (2%, 41 Votes)
4GB iPhone (2%, 54 Votes)
8GB iPhone (54%, 1,190 Votes)
16GB iPhone (18%, 400 Votes)
I don’t have one yet :( (2%, 49 Votes)
Total Votes: 2,209

If you would still like to vote on this poll, or any of our polls (or you just want to see our past polls), check out our Poll Archive. Below is the new poll.

Do you have a case on your iPhone/iPod Touch?

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Let us know in the comments what case you have or what case you are saving up for!

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  1. I have one of those leather slip in cases….forget which kind, but it is not rubber, which makes it difficult to slip in and out of the pocket, plus the leather looks nice…a bit thincker than a rubber one, but all around, nicer.

    • I have a rubber iphone case .It has the thing on the back that I can use to tie the headphones around. Very helpful and nifty. Got it on sale for only $5. HAS ANYONE BOUGHT THE $20,000 ( YES $20,000) CASE FOR THE IPHONE OR AT LEAST HEARD OF IT. IT IS MADE OF REAL GOLD AND DIAMONDS. VERY LIMITED QUANTITY. VERY NICE TOO. IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT IT PLEASE REPLY!

  2. I don’t have a case…I DESPERATELY need one! But, I just can’t seem to find the one I’m looking for or, maybe I’m just too picky!!

    • Bige2333 says

      have u checked out the seidio innocase….really nice snug fit and overall well protected and looks even better in person! =]

  3. i dont know if i would call it a case but i have the Invisible Shield on my 16GB iPhone. I only have it on the body.. not on the screen. I use a screen protector that i bought from the apple store instead. The shield is a little tough to get on but with some patients it can be done. The shield also gives the iPhone more grip, not to mention that it is nearly impossible to scratch it.

    • I have the Invisible Shield full protection (covers the whole thing) It’s awesome! Makes your iphone virtually scratchproof without adding any extra bulk, which was a major requirement for me.. it also comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee if it’s ever damaged while protecting your iphone.. $25 from

  4. I’ve been looking into the Incase Slider. However, for such an expensive price tag for a case, I need to know I’m not wasting the money.

    • Bige2333 says

      i have the white incase slider…and its laying on the floor in my bedroom with no iphone inside of it lol…..dont get me wrong…its a pretty cool case…nice and protects ur iphone…but in my case it was really scratching the chrome bezel so i decided to try a different one and i opted to go with the seidio innocase (blue color) …and i simply love it and so does every one else that compliments it , couldnt be happier

  5. I didn’t want a case, but I did want scratch protection. I have the protection pack from on my 16GB iPhone. It’s like the invisible shield (which I have on an iPod nano), is inexpensive, and is currently the highest rated film/screen protector combo on iLounge. I’m very happy with it. The antiglare version of the screen protector is amazing! I also added a GelaSkin on top of the film to the back of the phone for a little fun factor. Just ordered another film set for my husband’s iPhone.

  6. byronchurch says

    I’ve been riding bareback till about a month ago . It’s just to pretty to cover up ! Started to feel guilty though cause its beginning to look a little tattered next to all the new ones . So I put on the invisible shield which is a great product I think it will hold me for 8 more weeks when ; knock knock , the 3G arrives !

  7. i want to buy one, but it’s too late…
    my iPod already has a dent… :(
    i’m buying one anyway, to prevent more dents :)

  8. I am using the Bodyguardz full film protector along with a holster. I don’t like having my phone all bulky. So the holster allows me to just slip it out and use it in all it’s glory.

  9. I have the black latex snug fit cover for my iPhone.. its ok but I would luv
    something snug fit that still allows charging in the cradle…!

  10. I’m using the SENA UltraSlim Pouch with Invisible Shield front cover and I just ordered Capsule iPhoneâ„¢ Valentines Pink.
    but i’m thinking about to get incase slider and power support crystal film set


    I use the BodyGuardz plastic cover, and it works Amazing. I bought it off ebay it works wonders. I def recommend it to everyone, just make sure you take your time to put it on the right way and carefully, and your then your set!

  12. I have a leather slide in case as well. It has a cover that you can flip up to take it out and it fastenens itself with a magnet. I bought it at the PACIFIC MALL for any of you people in the GTA(Greater Toronto Area) you will know what i’m talking about. For those of you that aren’t in the GTA, check it out on Wikipedia, funny read. Your one stop mall for all things unlicensed. LOL

  13. I have the DLO Hybridshell in black, it has rubber on the back that gives it a nice grip and a non slip surface when ever you put it down on a surface i highly recommend it.
    iPodTouch 16GB

  14. Alan Moore says

    I hate the bulky cases for the iphone…so me and my roomate got the INVISIBLE Shield…it is great….you guys should check it out…

  15. I don’t have one yet, but within my next couple paychecks (after I pay my dad my $20 for iPhone in May) I’ll hopefully be getting a Seidio Inno Case.

    (You guys should think about doing reviews for accessories and cases on the site, it’d be cool to have everything bundled into one site.)

  16. Fun statistic as of this moment –
    54% have an 8gig iPhone,
    54% have a case for their device

  17. I am using an Otterbox Defender. I have tried a lot of cases and this baby is top notch and definitely worth the price. Even though the iPhone is pretty tough and not as fragile as one might expect, it is nice to know that my baby is well protected.

    I did a lot of research and read a lot of forums before buying it and every review was positive one. I also thought it would be ugly and ad a lot of bulk, but that is not the case, it is very sexy (all in black). Check it out at;

    By the way very informative site. I am hooked on it, I don’t make a move without checking with you guys first. keep up the great work.

    • I too have the Otterbox Defender series and picked because of my work. I am climbing in and out of Ford Edges and soone to be Flex’s all day on the production line, so when my Iphone is being used as an Ipod I wanted something I felt could take a whack or two.

  18. I like the aesthetic of the iPhone too much to cover it up with a case. However, that being said, I use the Invisible Shield as this doesn’t cover up the great design of the iPhone. However, for the screen, I use the PowerSupport Anti-Glare Film Set as this is one screen cover that does not smudge and cleans very easily, plus its anti-glare.

  19. Jollyblue says

    I bought the incase slider at the apple store. I really like it cause its a hard case that doesnt really add to the overall bulk of the phone and protects it really well. The phone doesnt even jiggle inside the case as well. I would recommend it.

  20. I have the “revo” case by iSkin and I absolutely love it. It’s a neoprene slip in that is grppy enough to make you feel like you won’t drop it and has a hard plastic cover that comes iff and attaches to the back during use. It also has a plastic insert over the camera so any dirt and grime stays off the lens itself.

  21. Richard Burgos says
    I ordered my leather case from here and I love it. They are having a special of free shipping to Canada and the USA. It is real leather and I payed only 9 bucks. Can’t go wrong.

    I also have a skin from
    as added protection when I pull my iPhone out to play.