iLiberty+ (iLiberty Plus)

Brooke has finally made the move to 1.1.4. We used iLibery+ suggested by BigBoss. Here’s the video:

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  1. And more thing I forgot to mention is that fact is that after trying to restore the iPhone is stuck as the restore screen, no matter how many i times I turned off the phone and tried to restart again.

  2. Hi, I am on a long trip and I don t have my original AT&T gsm card here. I am in the US though , and I am using AT&T (go phone) , but it is not the chip that came with the iphone. Do you think I can upgrade it using the process described in the video using this different gsm chip in it? thanks a lot

  3. I have the iPhone 3G, can I use iLibery to add applications to my iphone?, if not, what program do you recomend me?

  4. Hi…why when i try to run the iliberty + it would not going recovery mode?? please help

  5. its cool, it work for me. thanks bro

  6. Hey this maybe a stupid question but i have downloaded iliberty and installed it but when i try to run the program i get this error

    “iliberty.exe-Unable to locate Component”
    “this application has failed to start because QTCF.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix the problem”

    If anyone has any suggestions or such or needs wants more specifics ill be happy recieve and or submit more information.

    much appreciation