Brooke’s iPhone Page

I have created a new page and added it to the links section, on the right side of the site, called Brooke’s iPhone (I totally copied Doug and his Doug’s iPhone page). On the Brooke’s iPhone page you will see info about my iPhone, including all the apps I install and uninstall. Since I just had to restore my iPhone again today…the list is small at the moment! I will try to keep it as up-to-date as possible!

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  1. What happened that you needed to restore your phone today when you just updated to 1.1.4 over the weekend?

  2. Same troubles here.. Any idea where to find isms? I cannot find it again on any of my repo’s..

  3. I can’t get the source for ibirthday on my sources page can you tell me what it is and if I might be doing something wrong? P.s. Thax for all the hard work.

  4. I followed suit n upgraded to 1.1.4 using iliberty+

    Now wondering how to get fontswap on my 1.1.4
    and also SMSD.

    Any clues?


  5. Hi Brooke …. I also need to restore my iPhone 1.1.4 wich I updated from 1.1.1 but itunes is giving me error 1015 …. Can u tel me how u restored u ri
    iphone .. It would be of great help to me thanks
    P.S. Iblacklist screwed my phone

  6. Your page is still COMING SOON! Now you’ve teased me I want to see it! Thanks for the update to Doug’s page…I’m sure you help coax him into updating!

  7. DaN Himself says

    Hey Brooke, what about music and video + free space?
    I’ve just migrated from a 5.5g 80gb iPod to a 32gb iPod touch…

    I miss my free space.. only 800mb left, without most of my music + videos (more than 60gb in my library).

    At least I have a neat small 80gb HD with my backup stuff…

    Take care,

  8. Brooke, can you list the sources you have added to Installer? I had way too many, deleted most, and now I’m adding some back on as needed. I’m sure I’m missing a few good ones still. Thanks!

  9. Brooke this is a little off topic, but i have a problem in which everytime someone calls me and i dont pick up the call….instead of saying missed call on my screen….it always says call failure, its kinda annoying because when it says call failure, i slide to open and my iphone automatically starts calling back the missed call…which sucksss because i didnt pick up the call for a reason! lol, anyways do u guys have any ideas what could be the cause of this or any suggestions..thanks in advance

  10. i cannot get isms to download it. what should i do

  11. I went download crazy and want to erase some apps. I have a cracked 1.1.4 system with t-mobile. On the 3g you hold down a app and an “X” comes up, how do you accomplish this on the old version?

  12. Hi Brook, I have a 1.1.3 and it has been jailbroken. My Question is if i upgade to 2.0 will I still have the installer application or will i lose it?
    And if I lose it can you jailbreak 2.0?
    Thank you, Carmen

  13. Brooke, I have a huge problem, one you experienced as well I do believe, as you made a post about it. My AppStore apps crash, Ive tried a restore, and downgrading to iTunes 7.7. However, Im still experiencing the problem. Any suggestions? Any help is much appreciated.


    iPod firmware 2.0.1 Pwnd with WinPwn Installer & Cydia

  14. Hi There
    I have just jailbroken my iphone & can see the “Installer” icon. When tapping on it there is nothing installed under it. How can I get stuff installed?

    Thank You in advance

  15. Please anyone lets me know if the current version of “Agile Messenger” works on the “1st gen. iPhone” with 2.0 firmware

  16. Jordan Wallace says

    HELP!-i love your podcast and saw a theme on there that looked awesome. Normally I am good with computers but I went to your site to get a theme. I guess, I can’t “jailbreak” my Iphone to install INSTALLER, because my firmware is 2.11.07. I just want a cool theme and to try some of the stuff I see on your podcasts. I really don’t understand this. Pleeeeeeeez mail me back.