Twinkle RC 4

Twinkle While testing MobileTwitter I posted a tweet that I was reviewing a new Twitter app for the iPhone and someone twittered back asking if it was Twinkle. So I thought I’d try it out too. Twinkle is very well designed and has some really sweet features. One is the Near Me feature. I can see tweets around me from ranges 1 to 252,000 miles. Of course that means that it will post your location too (this can be turned off). Another sweet feature is you can attach a photo to your tweet. It looks like only other Twinkle users can see the image. It would be sweet if it would post a link to the photo like iTwitxr. As expected, it comes with the standard twitter features of replying to tweets, sending private messages, viewing profiles, public timeline, etc.

Here’s the bad news… It’s only in private beta. I assume this means they are either waiting for SDK or there are some new features they are still working on. If the developer’s listening, here’s my wish list: photo attached is available to all of twitter via link, links in tweets are clickable into Safari, badge shows new tweets in springboard (only when iphone is unlocked, we don’t want battery drain), location distance resets to 50 miles after closing app, and totally not necessary but would be kewl… skins or themes.

Now I know like that sounds like complaints but it’s not really, just wishes, my dream of a perfect twitter app. If you have other ideas, post them in the comments and maybe they will show up in the final release? We can hope and dream right? So for the record, this is my #3 app next to Mail & Safari. I use it A LOT. Can’t wait until this is released so everyone can enjoy!

Twinkle Icon Twinkle Login Twinkle Timeline Twinkle Message Twinkle Near Me Twinkle Update Twinkle Public Twinkle Login Twinkle Pic Twinkle With Pic Twinkle Profile

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  1. Source for this?

  2. i really like this program, my only wish is also to be able to link to potos posted with it

  3. Glad I got you in on this!! ;)
    Awesome client! =D

  4. Sweet app! I can’t wait for this one–Twitter is pretty awesome these days and the current app is nice, but, it’s not as hot as this one. Please post the source the minute it comes out of beta!

  5. Cool !!! Reply to this message of mine when its on Installer so I will get to know by E-Mail and will get it onto my personalised repo !

  6. Where do you go to sign up so I can login?

  7. I have the same question as DJ

  8. i would love to use but where do i go to get a sign on name and password

  9. You can register at

    Welcome to the world of twitter!

  10. I would like to ask what state/city Doug and Brooke are in so that I can set my range/miles. I would like to see their posts on twinkle.

  11. Muchos Gracias for the blog post.Really thank you!