Twinkle 0.7

Twinkle I was soo excited when I woke up this morning and saw Twinkle in the Installer!! When Doug wrote about it the other day…it was still in private beta! But, now everyone can enjoy it!! I really like this twitter app, better than all the others I have used. There doesn’t seem to be any new features from the things Doug talked about in the Last Post about Twinkle. So, install and enjoy! Twinkle is available through the Polar Bear Farm source.

Twinkle 0.7

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  1. Cool ! So its finally out in the wild! I will immediately get this one on my personalized repo !!!

  2. Thanks for the tip, i’m going to try to install twinkle now.

    I’m @waynesutton on twitter and I want to twinkle too

  3. if installed the app, but I a quick or where do u register to log on.

  4. yeah…where do you go to register and such???

  5. You have to sign up for a twitter account on (it’s free). Then you can just go into the Settings in Twinkle and enter your login info. Then you can see Twitter on your iPhone.

  6. I did what Brooks said but when i tried to login in the app says that´s an error with my username or password but it is the same as in twitter account. Can someone help me ??

    • I’ve got the same problem as Julia. Tried different settings and I can log in via the web, but not via the iPhone client.

      Hopefully, somebody has a solution?



  7. @Brooke: Do you or Doug keep a twitter account that updates with every new post? It would be really handy coz followers would get updated about a new post as soon as it’s posted! JustAnotheriPhoneBlog ( has done this already, I think you should too (if you haven’t done so already)!

  8. will those iphone with 1.1.1 version support ? everytime i start the program it quits immediately.

  9. hi i have an ipod touch and i use twinkle and whenn i have twinkle on locate its says im inn cuba or somewhere else and not in the unitedstates anyone can u help me with this