Lexitron 1.00

Lexitron I LOVE this game!! I played it for WAY too long before writing this post! If you have been around for awhile and remember when I did a post on TextTwist than you know exactly what Lexitron is. Only Lexitron is available through the Installer instead of a manual install! However, I will do a complete review of the app again…since it is slightly different.

When you open Lexitron you will get six letters in the lower part of the screen. The object is to create as many words as possible with those six letters. To create a word, just tap on a letter and it will move it to the boxes just above the letters. You have to move the letters in order of the word you want to spell. So, if you want to spell the word Bible…you would have to tap on the B first, then the i, then the b…you get the point! :) If you get the letters in the boxes and decide you want to change them…just tap on the the last letter and it will go back into the pile of letters. You have to start with the last letter…you can’t change just the second letter in the word…you have to remove all the letters until you get to second letter. So, for Bible, you would have to remove the e, the l and the b before you could remove the i. If you can’t seem to find a word (and are starting to get frustrated!)…don’t sweat it, you can always try rearranging the letters by double tapping on the screen when you do not have any letters in the letter boxes. That helps me sometimes!

Once you have a word the way you want it…double-tap to enter it. You will then get points if it is correct (three letters gets 90 points, four letters 160, five letters 250….) If you did not create a word, it will say NO. And, if you enter a word that you already have entered, it will say AGAIN. HA! You will also notice tiny little boxes on the screen…those represent the words that can be created with the letters. If you successfully create a word…it will change the little boxes to that word. The amount of time you have left and your score is displayed in the upper right corner. When you run out of time it will say, preparing for next level please wait. Then it will tell you the game is over and that you got the high score (I think this is a glitch…because it says I got the high score everytime!! Even when I just let it sit there and didn’t create a single word!) If you want to play again…just double tap. However, in order to actually qualify to move on to the next round you have to create at least one six letter word! You can keep playing without creating a a six letter word you will just stay on round one.

This game also has a few cool settings. Next to the time and score in the upper right corner, you will notice an arrow. That is how you get into the Settings. In the settings, you have the option to reset your High Score (it doesn’t give you a pop-up making sure you want to reset it so, make sure you really want to reset before you tap on it because it will just instantly make it go to zero). There is also an option to turn on/off the ability to scramble the letters by shaking your iPhone! I think this os a cool feature! You can also choose to have the game play in Landscape mode, Portrait mode or Auto (which loads it in Landscape mode). There are three time settings; Easy which gives you three minutes to make words, Medium which gives you two minutes and Hard which gives you a minute and a half. To start a new game, just tap on Start new game…it has a slight delay so be patient. If you need even more help there is a help button in the upper right corner of the settings menu.

One thing I love about the game is if you close it and reopen it, it will open to where you left off! Very cool! Lexitron is available through the BigBoss source. Below are the screenshots.

Lexitron 1.00 Lexitron 1.00 Lexitron 1.00 Lexitron 1.00 Lexitron 1.00 Lexitron 1.00 Lexitron 1.00 Lexitron 1.00 Lexitron 1.00 Lexitron 1.00 Lexitron 1.00 Lexitron 1.00 Lexitron 1.00 Lexitron 1.00 Lexitron 1.00 Lexitron 1.00

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  1. Great Review Brooke!! for a great game!!

  2. This is the real (though unofficial) TextTwist. Someone just changed the colour scheme in the Javascript and renamed it.

    • They also added some setting that were not available in TextTwist.

    • Don’t get it confused. Digicide did Text Twist and renamed it Lexitron for copyright reasons. It’s his programming, his game both times. This one has been polished with config and some testing behind it.

  3. I dont know why it doesnt work for my touch. When i click the icon after i install it , this game crash and bring me back to he main screen

  4. Ah, now I see. He did both. Looks like it’s time to upgrade to the new version then.

  5. But way better then TextTwist… At least it saves the last round…

  6. Now that TextTwist is fully developed, hopefully Digi will concentrate all his efforts on SCRABBLE! That really needs some work, and it’s my favorite iPhone game.

    • Ya mine too. I used to keep playing SCRABBLE whole day with my friends on it.. But now as I upgraded from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4, SCRABBLE never works. Checked Permissioins and installed latest Jiggy Runtime.

      It needs to have single player mode and 1.1.4 Support !

  7. I have Jiggy Runtime 0.26, i set all the file in Jiggy with 0755 permission (using WInSCP), then I install Lexiton through the Installer.
    Then when I click in the icon, it crash and bring me back to the screen.
    Then I using WinSCP, open the Lexitron.APP, set ALL files and folder in it the permission 0755 …
    But it’s still not working.
    I have the save problem with Pool and TextTwister.
    I have tried install Jiggy Runtime through Polar Bear / Jiggy Main Repository source and either Manual Install …
    Maybe i give up >< help !

  8. I got the same problem. My jiggy runtime is 0.26, my firmware is 1.1.4… I’ve been installed, uninstalled, reinstalled.. it kept jump back to the screen. Help needed pls.

  9. I LOVE this Game! I hope it have higger levels like 7 or 8 or 9 letters words..?

  10. This game is very interesting!!
    My highest score so far is 286,830…

  11. i can’t get it on my update iphone. 2.0.2. help!?!?!


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