winpwn videos

Found these over at

Part 1:

Watch “winpwn part 1” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Part 2:

Watch “winpwn part 2” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. turtletomm says

    both these youtube videos don’t work… hi brooke

  2. the videos say not supported for the iPhone if you look them up on the phone.

  3. Good Afternoon All,
    Has anyone reported glitches or failures due to the Beta iPwnage tool? I know that everyone, to include the engineer of the program, claims that this is the best method for jailbreaking your iPhone/Podtouch, but i’m no so sure to use this method just for the simple fact that it is still so new. Feedback would be great, thanks in advance.

    • The pros (custom boot & restore images) of using it don’t outweigh the cons especially if you’re already jailbroken & working. If I were fresh outta the box then I would go for it. I’m going to wait for the full version to be released before I do anything.

  4. Braden Herring says

    I used WinPwn on my iPhone and it worked perfectly. I now have custom boot logos and everything.
    It does take a long time to create an ipsw file though.

  5. Hi there !

    I been using this tool for mac and believe me it’s most advanced tool for unlock, activate, and jailbreak.
    totally recommended

  6. Why would we want to use this method if the ZiPhone win works like a dream.. I cant really understand can someone explain it to me alittle better..

    I am on 1.1.4 and it is a breeze to do it with ZiPhonewin

    • yeah i unlocked and jail broke and activate with ziphone and works great. what’s the difference? btwn those methods??? what’s better ? why???

  7. SeijinZero says

    is there any program that can just back up an Iphone? I tried copying everything using WinSCP, but it wouldn’t work. I want to back up all my programs AND all the info I put into them. Even if Winpwn was a full version and backed-up all of my programs, it still might not get all of my to-do lists, sources, categories, etc.. Any suggestions?

  8. Why not use Ziphone because one the method used for jailbreaking your phone is dangerous, second reason if you do some reading you will find Ziphone has caused many No Wifi, No service, No Edge, and No Bluetooth issues. As well Ziphone does not ask if you want to downgrade your bootloader from 4.6 to 3.9 it just does it. As well Ziphone has also caused Mac address issues.

  9. Used the WinPwn method to jailbreak my 8gb Touch and it is now BRICKED!!!! Can get it into restore mode or even turn on for that matter. I am well and truly stumped :(.
    My advice is not to use this software yet until the proper one is released…even then i would consider it hard first.

    Loiks like Im going to have to send it back to apple under warranty and chance my luck.

    Excellent website by the way!!

  10. The chances of software bricking a phone are very slim, goto the winpwn irc channel see if they can help. The only thing that can truly mess your phone/ipod up is the Bootneuter app but, that only happens if you don’t follow the instructions. The same goes for winpwn, I see in in the IRC channel all the time, the person simply did not read nor follow the tutorials out there and has now caused issues with there device.

  11. Well, never managed to have my ipod touch restored so sent it back to Apple who have sent me a replacement.
    Im gonna stay away from winpwn for the forseeable future until a failsafe method is avaliable ( I know you are goign to say that this should be failsafe but unless you completely understand what is going on during this process then i would be cautious).
    Happy jailbreaking!!!