iPhoneDoom iPhoneDoom was started by stephwhite and now it is under the management of psychochromatic. This is a native port of the classic game Doom for the iPhone/iPod Touch. I was so excited, since it was the classic Doom. Apparently, the game is unplayable; allow me to expand. When you start the application, it is impossible to navigate through the menus, since there are no set controls. I had no idea which gestures to make. I was lucky and I got into the actual game. Once again, the controls are horrible and at this point I doubt there are any actually controls. To make matters worse, the game crashes randomly every few minutes. I was very disappointed in this application for two reasons, I love Doom and sadly, the game does run at FULL speed. There is not much more to say besides do not waste your time.

Installation Guide:
Download the application from here.
SSH into your device and place it into the application folder. (Permission 755)
Download the .WAD file from here.
And place it in WAD files go in /var/root/Media/Doom (Permission 755)

iPhoneDoom iPhoneDoom iPhoneDoom iPhoneDoom

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  1. hey whats that wallpaper or theme that you are using in that first screen shot lol, its awsome

  2. I already found the source for this just search for the Cyber Forums Source on google and u should get it. I already have it on iAppCat so i been playin alot and its fun.

  3. Yeah that theme is awsome what is it if you dont mind letting us know

  4. ill just wait till http://www.zodttd.com makes dosbox for iphone and ipod touch and use the wad file to run doom on it :) thanks for giveing the wad :)

    • Will they make one? Expecting a faster simulation than that on Windows Mobile devices.

  5. why nobody use iShare, its better for downloading files then SSH, U can save a file on the page and wherever U want, U can download it without PC…

  6. Yeah, would be great to know which theme this is :)

  7. i am waiting for an update

  8. Mr.Lolios says

    Dude someone gotta finish this already

  9. doom-1.8.wad.gz file is 0 size…

    getting substitute file from here Don’t work!!!

  10. Dr. Riskevich says

    It was really easy to get doom on my iphone, but it still have a lots of bugs! So let’s wait for update

  11. can someone copy paste the source… i am having trouble finding it

  12. does any one know the source for this game. im lost

  13. the reason ppl dont publish direct sources (except the idiots on youtube) is bc if they hav anything that is even remotely illegal, authority ppl can find them and shut them down. most repositories that ppl publish on youtube only last a few wks and then hav to move sites

    • i had followed all the instructions and it doesnt work wit the doom app send me back after a wild to iphone´s menu an it doesn´t. run me can you help me??

  14. for any1 who wants iPhone doom but is having probs such as crashing befor the game even starts…
    the doom.wad file is ESSENTIAL, the game cant run without it
    u hav to download it (i did a few wks ago from the link in the article, but idk if it still works) and SSH or STFP it into ur ipod in the exact location that it says above (u should hav to create the Doom folder, and remember, creating folders is CaSe sEnSiTive!)
    if the link doesnt work, then ul hav to google it (search lik “Doom Ipod touch iphone WAD file download” or sumthing)

  15. if it doesn’t work, does that mean there are problems with the files or different directories like mobile/ or root/ ,something like that?

  16. It was really easy to get doom on my iphone, but it still have a lots of bugs! So let’s wait for update