moleskine 0.32a

moleskineThis is one of the best uses of the accelorometer in a productivity app I have seen. Twisting & flipping to effect menus and settings. You gotta see this:

Note: There is no audio is this video.

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  1. that is the sickest thing ever… lol

  2. Umm… What does it DO?

  3. ummm where can i get it

  4. More applications should use the accelerometer like this.

  5. Mike Zappa says

    OK, Personally I think this is rediculous. Yes, it shows what the accelerometer can do for cerain apps but is it really needed for something like this? I mean, I cant see myself sitting there shaking my arms and wrists all over the place all in the name of checking email! No Thanks, Ill stick to my index finger…

  6. you have spelling error in the description it says ( app I have see.) should be seen. Sorry don’t mean to be picky.

  7. Where can we get it installer still only shows 0.19-2 thats quite a version jump … nothing newer released yet?

  8. nice

  9. I think it’s a great idea. Would let me use the menus one handed, which would be helpful when grocery shopping–I keep my list in my phone and find it hard to maneuver the shopping cart (usually have to do it with my hips and elbows) while working the list with both hands (one to hold the phone and the other to touch-navigate). It’s no more “flapping around” than flipping open a flip phone with a flick of the wrist. It would be a good option on any app, something you could turn on and off.

    And I also can’t find it in installer. Is this a pending update that hasn’t been released yet?

  10. Justin Roper says

    This is a great idea. It would be nice if you could answer a call or lock the iPhone just by flicking your wrist.

  11. This is definitely the future.