MobileScrobbler 1.4.3-2

MobileScrobbler MobileScrobbler is a client made by Sam Steele. Let me start of by saying that this application is AMAZING!!!! The whole point of is to discover and share music. Once you install the application, you have to log into your account by going into your Settings and then selecting MobileScrobbler (the settings for the app are added as an option in the stock In the MobileScrobbler settings you are able to disable scrobble, which is the act of posting information about the song you played last on your iPhone or iPod Touch to your profile. You can also change the theme, enable or disable gestures, popup controls, and discovery mode. Once you open the application, it shows information like Play Recommendations and Play my Playlist.

In Charts, it has information like Top Albums and Top Tracks. For some reason that feature is not working for me. The MAIN part of is obviously discovering music. You can search for music by artist, tags, or user. Once you search, it will play a song that it finds. You can see the lyrics, artist bio, events, and song info of the song. There is a ton of information. It also recommends other bands that you may like. If you hit the Home Button and go back to the SpringBoard, the music will continue to play in the background. This is an AMAZING application for discovering and playing music. I highly recommend it. You can get this application from the Ste Package source.

MobileScrobbler 1.4.3-2 MobileScrobbler 1.4.3-2 MobileScrobbler 1.4.3-2 MobileScrobbler 1.4.3-2 MobileScrobbler 1.4.3-2 MobileScrobbler 1.4.3-2 MobileScrobbler 1.4.3-2 MobileScrobbler 1.4.3-2 MobileScrobbler 1.4.3-2

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  1. love the little icon that appears on the upper rght of the home screen (besides the battery icon)…

  2. Note that the music recommendations are based on what you listen to, and it can’t know what you’re listen to if you don’t scrobble your tracks. You can set up whatever you play music with on your PC to scrobble too. An amazing website and a very good app to showcase it.

    The part that I like the most is that the music streaming even works well over edge.

  3. Once you listen to a song once can you hear it again? I was having a problem that it wasnt letting me hear a song twice with the last version. Or was that just me?

  4. umm didnt see this anywhere in the post but it also works to show lyrics not just the ones you scrobble but the ones you play off of your ipod… just go on ur ipod click a song and go to mobilescrobbler then it will load it for you and give you all the info then you can click lyrics to view those lyrics

  5. I got a weird problem after installing this app – I lost all sound! Ringtones, iPod not working, alarms setting off but without sound…. Am I the only one who experienced this? Amazing app otherwise though…. Running 1.1.4

  6. Same problems with this mobilescrobbler. Cannot uninstall it because its not there in apps list. only the icon is there and I can not delete it.

  7. The same problem to me “Main script execution failed”. What do we have to do to fix this? Thanks in advance.

  8. Right on with Bassir!

  9. This is one of the top apps ever made for iphone. Fantastic