Moleskine 0.19-3

Moleskine I was totally stoked when I saw the update to Moleskine in the Installer. However, there are no visual changes to version 0.19-3 of Moleskine. The app itself functions the same. The change has to do with the Installer p.list file. You actually may even want to skip updating to version 0.19-3 (there is really no need to) because in a few cases it has deleted the Notes that were previously created. It worked fine for me and did not overwrite the notes I had created but, if you have a lot of notes that you do not want to risk losing…I would hold off for the next update. If you do decide to update, you could back-up your Moleskine notes with TimeCapsule. That way, once you update, you can just go in and restore your backed-up notes! Moleskine is available through the databinge source.

Moleskine 0.9-3

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  1. The update erased my notes. Oh well.

    • Did you read the article above before you updated or after? Next time you could back them up with TimeCapsule first that way even if they get erased you can just get them from the back-up!

    • The iphone should be treated with the same caution as when you work with a computer. Always back-up, and specially back-up when you are updating something. This is extra important when dealing with something like the iphone ( hacked ) because we are dealing usually with single individuals without the resources to test every configuration.

      I’ve had big name company software wreak havoc on my computer and data when updating. I can only expect things to be worse with the iphone coder community.

      Ask yourself this question: If my phone died completely right now, will it be an inconvenience or would I have lost a lot of important unrecoverable data? If your answer is the latter, do something about it right now.

  2. I think the version is 0.19-3.

  3. And… how can I traspass from iphone to mac/pc???