Installer to AppStore

Getting antsy waiting for the AppStore to finally be implemented? Well, this app might help! While you wait for the actually AppStore, you can rename your current to AppStore…making that day in June feel a little closer! The nice part about this app, instead of just renaming the Installer app manually, is that you will see still see updates for Installer because it doesn’t change the actual title of the Which also means you will not see an icon on your SpringBoard for this one. Just install it, restart your iPhone and your Installer will say AppStore underneath it instead of Installer. Installer to AppStore is available through the DavTeam source.

Installer to AppStore Installer to AppStore

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  1. what if i wanna change the icon but not the name?

  2. Dr. Riskevich says

    wait a minute! this is stupid? I’m finding Better than
    I’m from Latvia,and I’m happy owner of iPhone.
    Store is something like shope? So you will be paying for all (or most of them) app’s you want to get, that means that this is ain’t good opportunity for abroad iPhone users. Why I should install this app? (

    • Evan Leibel says

      this “app” doesn’t change anything except the name under Installer.

      It changes the word Installer to AppStore but it’s still the same application. You won’t have to pay for anyhting

  3. Dr. Riskevich says

    And I’m really sorry for my grammatic mistakes… I was really enthusiastic, writing that comment…

  4. 20 bones? Yikes… or you could wait a bit for uShow which will be free and will totally shred. How did you get the video to not look extremely pixelated btw Doug?

    • thailar…I guessing this comment was meant for the iPhoneRecoder post. You can rewrite it there if you want and I will delete this one!

  5. the source is not working for me. it is listed under uncategorized and i cannot get this. please confirm source i really want this

  6. I wish installer would allow us to search by letter I hate scrolling and when an app doesn’t install you have to clear your entire queue and start over! I HATE THAT

  7. So if I install this name change on my 1.1.4 iPhone, will it crash?