Hahlo 3.0 – Legendary Edition

Hahlo 3.0 With Twitter becoming more popular every day, there seems to be more and more ways to tweet. Hahlo (no idea how to pronounce it) has been around for quite a while but now there is Hahlo 3. Although it’s in beta testing, you can become a tester pretty easy. Just email beta@hahlo.com to signup. The new version organizes menus better and even has a nice popup for more menu choices. Looks like another feature is the ability to search. The timeline does something I wish other Twitter clients like twhirl and Twinkle did; it shows the message being replied to in a little quote box when someone twitters a reply to someone. See the screenshots for a better explination.

It also shows the last time your timeline was updated. With a new version comes a new web clip icon. Not a huge change but more of a gradient from yellow to orange than solid orange. Other features include relaying what service your friends are using to twitter, faster load times, and a whole bunch of custom settings. The custom settings include inline replies, inline messages, custom colors, show full names, bigger avatars, selecting homepage action. Overall a very nice update and a great choice for non jailbroke iPhones rather than the twitter web client. Just visit hahlo.com. No installation needed!

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  1. Haha, clever name. I think this is one of the only web apps I prefer over the countless apps in Installer.

  2. I think if I hadn’t used Twinkle first, this would be my choice of Twittering apps/webapps.

  3. I stick with Twinkle !


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