TimeCapsule 0.30b1 & 0.30b2

TimeCapsule The update to version 0.30b1 of TimeCapsule adds a few more apps to the list of those that can be backed-up. You can now back-up your MxTube videos, your weDict installs and your moleskine themes and sounds. Another new feature is that you can restore individual Installer plist files instead of having to restore them all. However, I am having a small issue, it doesn’t seem to see my MxTube files. When I open TimeCapsule, MxTube is not on the list of apps that are able to be backed-up. I have MxTube installed and I have videos saved in it. So, I’m not sure what the deal is. Let me know in the comments if it is working for you. TimeCapsule is available through the databinge source.

Update: Version 0.30b2 of TimeCapsule was just released and fixes the bug mentions above! MxTube now shows up on the list of apps that I can back-up.

TimeCapsule 0.30b1 TimeCapsule 0.30b1 TimeCapsule 0.30b1 TimeCapsule 0.30b1 TimeCapsule 0.30b2 TimeCapsule 0.30b2

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  1. Just wondering… How does this thing work ?!?!? If I need to restore with iTunes, there will be no more Time Capsule left for me to backup from…

    Someone can explain ?

  2. You will likely have to move the backup folders to your pc, restore, install the application, move the folders back to your iPhone and restore.

  3. I have the same question as Gigi, where can I find this “backup” folders?

  4. Cool, More apps coming in !

  5. Justin Roper says

    Even though i’ve updated this application, the new update still stays on my “update” page of installer.

    Any ideas on why this is?

  6. hi, I just installed the application and thinking if I donate to remove the limitations. but I still ask myself how does it really works?
    Does it just save preferences and settigs? then anything stored?(foto, conversations, contacts, videos etc? Then I think we should ssh in there and save on the comp? which is the adress?
    In case of restore, do I have to reinstall all the applications too? and then restore with the saved backup?
    If anyone of you is using this, please help me please,

  7. wow u expect someone to answer all that

  8. Frustrated from bakups says

    Have you guys been able to restore instller backups?

    Beacus i did’nt!