RepoName 0.01b

RepoName RepoName is an app that allows you to find an application’s source by entering the title of the application. When the app opens, you will see a place where you can enter the title of the application you are looking for. Once you have entered the title, tap Enter. It will then display the url for the source that the app is in. For example, if I search for StreetFlow, it will give me the url for the iApp-a-Day source. If the source url is too long…just tap on it and use your magnifying glass to scroll over. If it doesn’t find the app it will give you a pop-up saying that it didn’t find that app but, it also gives you the option to request the app. If you select Request This App, it will open an email in which you can email the developer and request the application. I think this app has amazing potential though, at the moment it is very simple. I would love to see a fix so that url doesn’t hang off making you scroll over to see the whole thing. It would also be nice to have the actual name of the source as well as the url for that source. It seems to be able to find most of the basic apps however, there were a few that didn’t find (vWallpaper). I also noticed that is doesn’t always give you the developer’s source for an app. I personally like to have the original developer’s source and not a secondary source. Overall…I can see this being an extremely useful application! RepoName is available through the DavTeam source.

RepoName 0.01b RepoName 0.01b RepoName 0.01b RepoName 0.01b RepoName 0.01b RepoName 0.01b RepoName 0.01b RepoName 0.01b RepoName 0.01b RepoName 0.01b RepoName 0.01b RepoName 0.01b

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  1. THIS is what I’ve been waiting for!

  2. can’t you do that on the iappcat website?

    • Yes, and although there’s an iPhone friendly version of iAppCat, this goes further by adding the “request” feature. I love it.

  3. The copy function would work wonders here. Just paste into installer and be done with it. Darn you Apple.

    • cartoon156 says

      You are so right… If there was a copy/paste function in the iPhone, it would make our lives so much easier.

  4. Would be nice if it automatically entered the source into the source list within Installer!

    Just a thought

  5. Would be nice if the installer has this function.

  6. can’t seem to find it what is it under?

  7. Hmm repo seems to be down…

  8. spoonforknife says

    Yay! It’s out! I’m one of the devs for this app, so… tell me what things I’m missing. I thought I was pretty thorough…. Anyway, I didn’t even know it was out. :)

  9. spoonforknife says

    Sorry, forgot to add C0deR_4_liFe is trying to figure out how to get the sources into Installer, so if anyone has the foggiest idea on how to do that, it would be much appreciated if you submitted it to him, either at iPod touch Fans or the DavTeam website.

    Also, the repo isn’t down, I just checked…

  10. It would be nice if it asked you if you want to add the resource to your sources….If it is already one of your sources, then it should also tell you.

  11. repo is down??

  12. I don’ t know if its me but this app has only found 1 out of 15 apps.

    Not that good.
    I guess they need to visit this site and get all the apps /sources and update there database.

    • spoonforknife says

      I have added every single application from this site. I don’t know what you’re missing.

    • Hmmm..
      I tried to find TimeCapsule, moleskine, 1shoot, xLaunch, lightson, SpoofApp, Earth3d, iPhoneHome, and none were found.
      I tried more but thought this would make my point.

      It did find Search, jiggy.

      I like like the idea though.

  13. spoonforknife says

    The repo is not down.

    Keep in mind this is the initial 0.01 beta. We’re still working on it. I’ll add vWallpaper into the directory, so expect it to be there in the next update.

    We also are trying to implement the features you are describing above (Repo already entered, enter into Installer)

  14. i think iAppcat is a lot better than this

    in iappcat yuo make yuor own repo

    put repo on iphone

    and yuo look for an app and then yuo put it in yuor repo

    you refresh yuor sources and what ever app yuo put in yuor repo should should up and

    its way faster than adding a repo with different apps some yuo may not even need and when yuo refresh your sources it doesnt take a loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggg time

    • spoonforknife says

      I think we all know what iAppCat or is. This is for people who want to look up sources. iAppCat doesn’t conveniently do that for people who don’t have an internet connection and would like to use the convenience of a native app. It will be far better than it is now, so just sit tight.

    • spoonforknife, why would You need to look up sources while having no Internet connection?

  15. wow! Its great to see a lot if attention towards this application! As the only developer, I am very proud it has got recognition.

  16. when I try to download it I get error package download

  17. this needs to be integrated into installer

  18. crashes on launch, poo…

  19. I can’t seem to open it. once I click it NOTHING happens..
    anyone hve this issue? I’d love to try this app

  20. This app has tons of potential…its still quite primitive as it is missing quite a few apps….
    Looking forward for its next update

  21. wen i try and open the app it closes automaticly

  22. repo is down, its under untitled source

  23. yes,it’s down,i tried many time but all i got was “package download failed”! Is there any helps?