Another one of my favorite themes was updated in the Installer which brought it back to my attention. The name of the theme is Leaf and it is through the ModMyiFone.com source. It is a SummerBoard theme and is one of the most unique I have seen. I love how the titles of the apps are laied out on the icons. you will want to turn on the icon and dock labels through SummerBoard to get the full effect of the theme. I think it looks great both with and without the Theme’s Wallpaper. Let me know what you think of it!

Leaf Leaf

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  1. My gosh you have a lot of unread email! Theme does look great…will have to try it. My only reservation with most of these great themes is if there aren’t icons for all of the programs I’ve installed it looks BAD.

  2. Hey Brooke!

    Thanks for writing about my theme.

    Dripps: Leaf has over 320 icons ready. :)

    the theme has a wordpress blog now.. there you will find the latest updates.. its called Leaf Icon Factory.. you can google it if you want

  3. The theme totally rocks. Has been ruling my iphone since the last release and this release is just the cherry on top.
    Thanks a ton SgT and thanks a ton Brooke for the review :)

  4. hey brooke,

    Although i like you very much, i hate this theme.. coz all the icons look the same to me.. so, it will be difficult to find the app that you are looking for..

  5. Why isn’t my weather icon changing?

  6. I think it looks great! Great job, SgT! Thanks Brooke for reviewing it!

  7. A lot of my icons aren’t changing like stock market, photos, sms and others…why is it?

  8. it is perfectly match with “Leaf” video wallpaper

  9. Great job, compliments SgT!
    Dummi question: I’ve installed Leaf 3.6 from modmyiphone source, most of my programs icon changed correctly but main icons not (sms, calendar, google map, settings, calc, notes, watch, wheater…) Do you have an explaination?

    Thank you

    • Yep! If you are using any language localizations then you must rename those icons for the appropriate language.
      Since I am using english I dont have this problem.. maybe other users whos solved this thing already.. can help us.

    • Thank you SgT!
      I’ve to rename (with something like winscp) the icons with the label of my language? where is the icons located? thanks

  10. Very very cool theme!

  11. SgT!!!!!! Dood the Leaf theme is the bomb man. I love this, found it right when I jailbroke my phone, and it has been the first thing that goes back on when I restore…

    I’m gonna use one of the wall papers for my lock wall paper next.

    Thanks a lot for the effort you put into this, It looks great