Periodic Table 1.0

Periodic Table Periodic Table is exactly what you would expect it to be…a Periodic Table. The app will open to the main screen which lists all of the elements on the Periodic Table in Alphabetical order. What is cool is that you can change the list to Symbols and search based on the Element’s symbol (in Alphabetical order)! If you tap on an Element that is in the list…you will get a ton of info about that Element such as it’s Symbol, Atomic Number, Atomic Weight and a ton of other information (see screenshots below). On the lower menu bar there are a few other options. The Sort option allows you to sort the Elements by other features of the Elements such as Atomic Number, Boiling Point, Density and many more. If you select Table you will get a horizontal view of the actual Periodic Table, you can then tap on an Element in the Periodic Table to get all of that Element’s info. This is a pretty cool app and I totally could have used it in my AP Chemistry class in High School!! Periodic Table is available through the BigBoss source.

Periodic Table 1.0 Periodic Table 1.0 Periodic Table 1.0 Periodic Table 1.0 Periodic Table 1.0 Periodic Table 1.0 Periodic Table 1.0 Periodic Table 1.0 Periodic Table 1.0 Periodic Table 1.0 Periodic Table 1.0 Periodic Table 1.0 Periodic Table 1.0 Periodic Table 1.0

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  1. Justin Roper says

    Man, I haven’t seen one of those since High School!

  2. This is a cool app !
    There’re should be more app like this 1

  3. Man, I call that “TheElements” for Earlier iPhones !

    Its the same app as TheElements from the SDK !!! I knew apps similar to SDK apps would land up in Installer.

  4. i see one every day, since i study industrial engineering, lots of physics, calculus, chemistry ….. this will come in handy

  5. why do i need jiggy?

    • It requires Jiggy because this was made by a bunch of little kids with no real coding experience and the ability to copy and paste.

  6. This is a phenomenal app for someone like me who is going through high school science. A shorter loading period would be appreciated, however.

  7. I think this a phenomenal app, the only thing i would add is the vaarious formulas that we use in chemistry so that it would be more applicable in field of chemistry; alos maybe something similar could be done for all the other subject like math, physcis, and so on… it would be almost like a study guide program. Think about it!!!! But this app is great though it helps me on all my test.

  8. greattttttttttttttttttttttttt

  9. It didn’t install in my IpodTouch. Simply, nothing happens. I’ve tried twice and it didn’t appear on my springboard.

  10. I was going to develop one of these…. :(


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