RepoName 0.02b

RepoName There are no visual changes with version 0.02b of RepoName. Though, it does fix it so that you can enter the title of an app with any capitalization and it will find the app. So, you could search for VWallPaper (when the title of the app is actually vWallpaper) and it will still find it. Though, I am a little confused because the developer’s site says that it is version 0.10b but, I only have 0.02b in the Installer. Though, the capitalization fix works on the version I have (0.02b). So, I’m not sure what the deal is! A very good update none the less! RepoName is available through the DavTeam source.

RepoName 0.02b

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  1. Cool !
    Updates are pretty fast for this app!

  2. Hey, Version 0.01b dosent run on my 1.1.4 iPhone. I just updated to 0.02b and it still dosent work! Please Help!

  3. Ya I can’t get this to launch under 1.1.4 either. Would luv to try it out but will not open. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  4. Hope for faster wont launch for me, crashy crashy

  5. Guys, Besure you have Jiggy Runtime installed!

    Also, I will be fixing the repo soon to fix the version problem. I will have to reset it up with a new Bundle Identifer and then make it remove the other RepoName and then install the New one with the correct version

  6. spoonforknife says

    The version (0.02b) was an early release for C0der_4_life and I that was a directory update. (0.10b) is entirely different. Be sure you have Jiggy Runtime!

  7. C0der_4_liFe says

    yup! new releases coming soon!