vWallpaper 0.7

vWallpaper The new version of vWallpaper comes with the expected update featuring downloadable wallpapers. Right now there are only three choices but, I’m sure we will see more in the future. vWallpaper is available through the Skrew source.

vWallpaper 0.7 vWallpaper 0.7

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  1. Bige2333 says

    Finally!! Woohoo! LOL it would be kinda cool if they actually let users upload video wall papers of thier own to share with the community! The possibilities are endless :-)

  2. Whizkid says

    this is gonna be the coolest application ever made for iphone,,,,,great job

  3. Still no fix on lost audio from regular videos played using ipod app. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just my 1.1.4 iphone ?

  4. OK, got the audio problem fixed. I removed all videos from itunes then sync. Then added the videos back into itunes and resynced. problem solved.

  5. This app does not work. The old version i got to work fine. I’ve tried everything…. turning off summerboard, back on, turned theme wallpaper off, respringed….. still no video in background….. anyone else running into the same problem?

    • SMB theme wallpaper and regular wallpaper must be off as well. Give that a try, You’ll get it working.

    • 0.6 worked fine for me, but 0.7 didnt work.
      No vWallpaper in the background. Reinstalled it 5 times, rebooted phone about 10 times, (uninstall – reboot – install – reboot – reboot)

      still no vWallpaper. maybe i find 0.6 in the www.

  6. If vWallpaper videos still does not apear then turn your iphone off and on several times.

    If icons disapear and nothing shows but vWallpaper video then press your home button twice fast which should take you to your dialer ( Unless you’ve set this shortcut to something else ) Then press the home button once to get out of dialer. You should see your springboard with the vWallpaer video.

  7. the new fireworks wallpaper crashes my itouch

    • The fireworks crashed mines too, I lost all my icons. Try my sollution above this post.

  8. I dont think it would make a difference if you download the same video again because the newer download will overwrite your older one if its the exact same file name.
    If there’s an option to install videos, I think its a good idea to have an option to uninstall as well. This would help those that are not familiar with SSH.

  9. Dark n Cold says

    Whats the easiest way to create my own vwallpaper? any help appreciated

  10. puzzled says

    i was having 0.5 previously, tried an update on installer, told me to install skrew common. so i did. den when i tried to update to 0.7, it exits installer automatically. when i open the app, it shows 0.7. but somehow this change is not reflected in installer? i still get the update popup.

    i tried uninstalling the whole vwallpaper app. but it did not. it is still running. even though the option is already gone fr my installer uninstall menu.

    sth is wrong?

  11. Steve anderson says

    once you have downloaded the 3 videos they should not be still there in downloads section but they are

  12. where do u put the saved mp4 files in win scp?

    • /private/var/mobile/Media/Skrew/Videos

    • yea i get that far then when i try to add a video it says abnorobal download or somthing and it shuts down win scp i heard about re naming the mp4 file to fire.mov but it didnt work can u plz help me!!!

  13. Alon Spitzer says

    I Think The Source isn’t working!

    • yea it is i just updated 2 v7 using the —-http://i.danstaface.net—- source make shur u instaled the skrewcommon package

  14. How do I get rid of vwallpaper because it does not show up in installer in the uninstall section.

  15. Whizkid says

    vwallpaper 0.8 is out with much more videos……………..

    • 0.7 works fine. Can’t update to 0.8, getting package download error. Will try again later…