vWallpaper 0.8

vWallpaper The update to vWallpaper 0.8 adds the ability to delete wallpapers from the list of vwallpapers already downloaded to your iPhone. It also added a few more choices to the list of downloadable vwallpapers. However, auto-lock still does not come on if you are running a vwallpaper…hopefully we see a fix for this in the next update! vWallpaper is available through the Skrew source. To download more vwallpapers visit – vwallpapers.com

vWallpaper 0.8 vWallpaper 0.8 vWallpaper 0.8

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  1. Good app!!!

    Downloaded wallpaper should be removed from download list.

  2. fark2345 says

    my vwallpaper sucks…does anybody has the same prob as i do?
    which is..the vid plays like any other ordianry vwallpaper..but then when i start to go to my other pages on my summrboard…it starts to change colours to purple and blue…

  3. does using vwallpaper drain the battery quicker

  4. @matty
    i would like to know the same. So can someone answer this please!

  5. Hi All

    I have some prob. usin the vWallpaper, It’s just not workin….

    I’am running 1.1.4, and installed skrewCommen, and vWallpaper, went to setting to choose a wallpaper, and respringed, nothin.. ok .. I have summerboard and costumize 2.0 beta 8 installed so i deactiveted my summerboard after a couple of tries and restarted my iphone, but still NOTHIN. ??

    Am I doin somethin wrong??

    HAve someone else gotten in the same prob. ?? I hvae vWallpeper 0.8 installed ..


  6. jaylou180 says

    I had the same problem my vwallpaper stopped working for no reason. Try unistall the install again.

  7. hi jaylou

    i’ve tried that, but still nothin… by the way it never worked on mine, had 0.7 and now 0.8 still nothin ???

  8. Maximusss says

    Its working for me, but the screen dosn’t turn off. Any idea?

  9. Did anyone else also update the SkrewCommon to version 1.1 and get a weird question mark Icon on their homescreen like me? If you touch it… a pic of paper and pencil comes on the screen and won’t disappear until you exit completely out of the iPhone.. Not sure what is up with that.

    • bigmcq77 says

      yeah I did to so I uninstalled the the skrew common and vwallpaper and rebooted when prompted and then installed skrew common 1.1 and vwallpaper .8 and then it worked. The ?mark went away.

    • That seem to work. Thanks for the info.

  10. Thought I’d share a few of my favorite ones I have found and haven’t seen posted here yet.

    The italian iSpazio website has some really cool vwallpapers right now. I especially like the Cloanfish, Grass, and Beach


    And here is one of the cutest ones I have on my iPhone…


  11. SkrewCommon.
    This package is deactivated?!
    is there another mirror for this package? :)

  12. Oki Guys as some of ya read a couple of postes before that i could’nt make vWallpaper to work….

    This is wierd

    Just sitting and looking around in the installer, and tried to installed SkrewCommen … And OHHH MY.. Before installing vWallPaper, NOW i have video wallpaper running (The Flame one)….

    But now i have to install vWallPaper to have the settings to change between wallpapers, but a bit scared to mesd it op hhahahahahahahah

    What is going on LoL

  13. the new location /private/var/mobile/media/skrew/videos

  14. Isabelle says

    it suddenly stopped working on my phone.. I tried to reset, reboot, uninstall & install it back again a few times but still doesnt work. I didnt bave the same problem with the earlier version. Any suggestions?

    • i had the same problem…
      try reinstalling skrewcommon instead… mine worked after re-installing skrewcommon when re-installing vWallpaper didn’t work.

  15. hi, ive installed it, i turned off theme wallpaper, etc and just the flame video runs… after that ive restart my phone but it cant…. so im still look at the boot logo for half an hour… whats the problem? i tried to reset again but its the same… please help me!

  16. HawaiiNei says

    So i just installed the updated skrewcommon and all i had was black screen with logo for hours. i tried everything but no luck. So i had to restore everything, not once but twice. So bummed. I freaking love vwallpaper and ringtone. Has anyone else had to restore yet and if there is a right way to install these apps without me being let down? like do i install the skrewcommon first then vwallpaper….etc….
    let me know.


    • how did u restore ur phone cuz of dis cursed proggram ill have to do the same :(

  17. kauffman says

    hey i cant get it to work…i did everything like i was supposed to…any help is welcome

  18. it stopped working all of a sudden after i updated skrewcommon :/

  19. hey i installed skrewcommon today but when i restarted my phone it goes int a black screen with hite letters after a while it restarts again nd it just does the same thing so far it rebooted 3 times doin the same thing i have a 1.1.3 with installer nd summerboard plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. vwallpaper someone to run in version 3.0.1