Raging Thunder 0.7.0

Raging Thunder Raging Thunder is a seriously sweet new game! I’m not going to do a full review of it because Doug is making a video. However, I will tell you that it is an arcade style racing game based on the accelerometer. It was developed by polarbit and is available through the BigBoss source. You definitely want to check it out!! It is really really cool! Like seriously guys!

Raging Thunder 0.7.0

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  1. The game doesn’t work properly when a Video Wallpaper is active…

  2. i installed the game..but its not working for me it keeps on blinking non stop… Did you guys have that problem?? any ideas of what is should do? un-install and reinstall?

  3. Brooke, whats the C5 in your status bar?

  4. I can’t figure out how to play this game … If I start a game I can’t do anything. The car drives itself and Demo is blinking on the bottom of the screen.

    Seriously, HOW TO PLAY THIS GAME?

  5. I posted a note in the forum about this app. My iPhone keeps beeping continuosly after installing it. Sounds like a ticking time bomb. Also it just flickers when I try to open the app. The volume badge comes up and flashes, very crazy. Obviously some bugs. Under more info though, I must ssay, looks pretty sweet. Any suggestions?

  6. chat anyone? I really want to play this.

  7. i turned vwallpaper OFF and the game STOP blinking…but when the game starts after it says 3-2-1-go! it turns off :( any one else having this trouble (games looks good though…lol all 5secs i got to see)

  8. idk
    i love dis shot

  9. same here, as soon as you touch the screen, thre menu comes up resume, restart and quit. If you restart no problem, but same thing, if you resume it springs back to the homescreen. Have tried everything, but cant figure out how to control it. Acceleromator does nothing when you rotate the phone. I am not running the video wallpaper since I don’t have it installed. Cant create a profile. Cant change the settings of volume and sound effects. Actually have no volume at all. Lots of bugs by the looks of it.

  10. Ok now it works for me I know how to play :D

    Very nice! I made a video of me playing :)

  11. HAHA! I got it to work. I suck at the game though lol

  12. Turn right and left with inclination…
    Don’t use Capture or vWallpaper or any app running background…
    It’s nice working…

  13. is there any way to just temporary disable Dock or do i have to uninstall it?

    • figured it out myself…
      Open Terminal and use kill -9 on the process when logged in as root. Do any of you guys know a simpler method?

  14. If you turn off the volume (mute the phone) then the game works well. As soon as I enable sound again, the game starts to blink and my phone freezes. Has a lot of potential but still has a lot of work to be done.

  15. do you guys have sound?

  16. wow what an app looks amazing

  17. Nice effort, probably the best looking 3D game yet, but where is the sound?!

  18. Steve anderson says

    I switched vwallpaper off game does not blink now but only get 3,2,1 at start of race then car won’t move if I press screen says paused if I press resume game closes and it goes back to homescreen tried this on 3 phones now all the same

  19. ChristianJensen says

    Is it possible to play in landscape mode ? Would be so much better !

  20. Game look great but…..

    While driving within the game i recieved a phone call and my screen went into a blinking frenzy. I could not pick the the call. But lucky i had my bluetooth on and recieved the call.

    Once the call ended i hungup via bluetooth and my screen was frozen. I had to use a hard reset and get my phone back working.

    Take note and hopefully future updates for this app.



  21. I’m not into free beta DEMO testing. Uninstalled! Who knows if this thing is time limited or what. It may just self-destruct after a week.

  22. for soem reason its not on my installer i refreshed sources 5 times already please help

  23. Phil, Washington, DC says

    Game is cool but needs alot of work. Volume would be good for this game. Also initial graphics are very old. Will wait for an update.

  24. I have theBigBoss source, but can’t find the game. Has it been pulled?

  25. Patrick says

    Is there sound in this game?? I’ve played it and i there is no sound at all

  26. I’ve installed on my Touch and works perfect.
    The graphics are amaezing and the movement is smooth !!!!

  27. Brayant says

    This game doesn’t work…. It crashes all time!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Same thing happened to me, playing the game phone rang, and after the call it crashed hard. I had to do a hard reset, which I have never had to do. So just hope you dont have anyone calling you!

  29. DrummerBoy says

    No audio here too. I tried setting all music and SFX levels to maximum, but nothing. Any ideas?

  30. I lost the ability to call or receive calls, after this game.
    Hard reset not.. but SimCard reinsertion did the trick.

    Looks good anyway. :)

  31. my vwallpaper is not working any1 having that problem

  32. this Game Have Any Bugsssssss


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