TouchPod 1.0.2

TouchPodTouchPod is an application made by iSpazio and is ONLY FOR THE iPod Touch. It removes the music and video icons, and adds an iPod icon. When you click on “iPod” you will see all your music and there will be a new tab for “video”. This is a cool application not because it replicates the iPhone, but also it saves space. :) You can get TouchPod from the iSpazio source.

TouchPod 1.0.2 TouchPod 1.0.2 TouchPod 1.0.2

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  1. if i want to get back, do i just uninstall it ?

    • I can confirm that uninstalling reverts to the normal 2 icon mode.

    • When I tried to unistall touchpod it went away in installer but the ipod icon is still there instead of it going to music and video icons.

      I want it to be music and video icons again but it wont go that way plz help me

    • triburn u mite hav 2 go into installer n install sumthing that adds the music and video icons (developd 4 iphone). i hav not tried this, so install @ ur own risk!

  2. cassandra says

    i tried it.

    then removed it.

    did not do anything for me.


  3. Herminus says

    Is it normal that the new icon is the icon of the old “music” and not of the iphones “ipod” and that the icon doesn’t change when I change my skin with customize? :(

    • that shouldn’t happen. you may have some permissions or some thing screwed up.

  4. This program made my iPod Touch glitch up multiple times. At random times, my iPod would restart itself, only to have the apple at the startup screen jump around and split itself into strips, which would separate and go to different parts of the screen. I had to restore the iPod Touch multiple times, and the same thing happened every time. I finally uninstalled the app, and everything is working normally.

  5. I found a bug. If you have touchpod installed on your ipod touch and go into the ipod and have a song playing and you are at the screen where you can change the volume/play/pause/etc. then double-tap the home button, instead of the normal nothing that shows up, it will divert you to the phone application which of course you dont really have but it tricks your ipod into thinking you do.

    Fortunately, this does not disrupt your ipod from running normally and once at the phone app the home button pressed only once will take you to your home screen.