New Moleskine Theme – Nowea Ethno

moleskine There is another very cool theme available for moleskineNowea Ethno Moleskine Theme. You will want to check this one out! Very cool! Remember, when you install moleskine themes, they get put directly into the moleskine app on your iPhone. This theme and moleskine are both available through the databinge source.

Note: A review of moleskine 0.41b2 will be out later today!

New Moleskine Theme - Nowea Ethno New Moleskine Theme - Nowea Ethno New Moleskine Theme - Nowea Ethno New Moleskine Theme - Nowea Ethno

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  1. Took a quick look at textEditJ, and although the copy paste is great. It only works within itself. moleskine is a much better text organizer, no? Now … how can we get texteditJ copy paste features inside moleskine. mmmm

  2. No doubt moleskine is too good and i use it pretty much than the iphone notes but we all know how to use the themes in moleskine and we all check updates in installer so why keep posting moleskine themes when there are other apps worth reviewing..

    • I doubt it’s taking too much valuable time to post a paragraph on a new theme and to take some screenshots. Does it really hurt you to see the theme here? I like seeing it before I download it. I doubt putting up a moleskine theme is stopping anyone from reviewing the other apps.