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AppleiPhoneSchoolYAY! Time for a new poll. The last poll was – If the 3G rumor is true, what will you do? Below are the results based on when we added the poll a week ago.

If the 3G rumor is true, what will you do?
Sell my iPhone & buy a 3G iPhone (31%, 683 Votes)
Keep my iPhone & buy a 3G iPhone (20%, 439 Votes)
Keep my iPhone & not buy a 3G iPhone (23%, 510 Votes)
Buy a 3G iPhone (I currently do not have an iPhone) (8%, 186 Votes)
I don’t really care about the 3G iPhone (17%, 382 Votes)
Total Voters: 2,200

I was most definitely among the 20% of you that will be keeping their iPhone and buying a 3G iPhone! I can’t wait!!! I can’t believe 382 people don’t care about the 3G iPhone!! Craziness! It is going to be soooo sweet. Doug tells me everyday about all the possibilities with a 3G iPhone! You can still vote on this Poll in our Poll Archive page. You can also vote/view all the past polls on the Poll Archive page as well. Now, for the new poll:

How many iPhones/iPod Touches do you have in your home?

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  1. i voted that i dont care… because i live in finland number 1, and number 2 is that i dont want a contract, but otherwise its wayyy too expensive :)

  2. Jaylou180 says

    I will purchase a 3g iphone if it can be jail broken. There are to many cool apps out right now to not have a jailbroken iphone.

  3. I don’t need a 3G phone because:

    1. It’s way too expensive in Belgium!! :(
    2. Almost everywhere I go there is some unprotected or free WiFi network… :)

  4. cool_guy says

    brooke, I love you! and thats the only reason I come to this site everyday… always wanna check is there any new video out!

  5. Hi, i think you should do a POLL about Installer. For example, something like: When 2.0 and the Appstore is out, will you erase installer? or Once Appstore is out, should Installer continue? Should it continue only for the ones that do not upgrade to 2.0?

    Something like that… Thanks and i hope you like the idea,

    Fuser from Argentina!

  6. David Patrick says

    I will buy one only if someone can JB it and allow for installer as well, like someone said , too many great apps out today I fear wont be avail on the new Iphone till Sept or so

    Thanks all

  7. I will buy 7 of them, for every day one phone.

  8. You left out the option to sell your current phone, then rebuy the same model after the price drop.

  9. One 8GB iPhone, which is mine, but, depending on how much the new 3G iPhone costs, and depending on how many new features it has, and depending on when it’s unlocked, I might give my current one to my dad and get the 3G one.

  10. i think you should do a poll like the one said by fuser that will br cool and why people that dont have a n ipod touch/iphone wach this web page?

  11. Silverstone says

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