Raging Thunder 0.7.1

Raging Thunder The major update to version 0.7.1 of Ranging Thunder is that the Championship Mode now works! In Championship mode you are able to pick a car, buy tires, upgrade the engine, make the car more aerodynamic and pick the race track. However, most of the upgrades cost money so, you will have to win a few races before you get any fancy stuff. Another new features it that when you are in the menu and you close the app, it will open to where you were in the menu instead of starting at the beginning like it did in the previous version. There was also a suspend/resume code added to the app which means when you get a phone call while you are playing, the game will pause and then pick up where it left off when the call is over. In my opinion, this app still needs some work. I think the accelerometer is a bit touchy. I also get quite a few random glitches and pauses while the app is open. I still think this application shows the capability of the iPhone and gives us a taste of what is to come with the AppStore. Raging Thunder is available through the BigBoss source.

Raging Thunder 0.7.1

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  1. i once had this game on my Nokia 6670 (no good resolution, it dates from 2005) and it
    had Nintendo 64-graphics!! i was so amazed that my phone would play such a game!
    so imagine my surprise when i saw it on the Recent packages!! it looks even better!
    oh and i’m not sure, but i think it was your site where they said it was an N-Gage game.
    that’s not true, it wasn’t released as a N-Gage game, but as a Symbian OS S60 game.

  2. So is it giving a message that it wont save the career to anyone else

  3. Hi, sorry to write it here but im having some problems with Summerboard 3.2 in fw 1.1.3. Ive installed, uninstalled and reinstalled but no changes. Ive also installed the patches but nothing happens.

    When i select a theme, only the youtube, safari and ipod icons change. The rest stays as the default icons.

    What can it be?

    Thanks, fuser

    • jovelster says

      try changing the permisions to 777 (by ssh-ing in to it)
      i use to have that same problem but i updated my to 1.1.4
      (back then i dident know about changing the permissions so i never tried it but it might work)

  4. great app, i agree way too touchy

  5. Nevermind it stopped giving me the message

    Oh, fuser it might be that the theme you chose only has changes for those icons and make sure when you activate summer board you reset your ipod, try using the realize theme

  6. Hi, i tried several themes but nothing happens..

    Thanks for the help, fuser

  7. Brook, write something about KLORES, that’s amazing!

  8. ‘m sorry, BrookE of course.

  9. no sound yet

  10. Hey does anybody else feel like the car kinda gets pushed a little too much to the left, like it goes to the left by it self?

    • When you hold your phone in your right hand, you automatically turn your phone a bit left.
      Try out, it’s easier to turn left than right
      (sry for bad english^^)

    • Labyrinth says

      Yes! On my iPhone it`s the same problem.

      Greetings Labyrinth

  11. why there’s no sound


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