WeLyrics 0.8

WeLyrics Version 0.8 of weLyrics adds a few new features. When you turn on the lyrics, you will notice that a lot more lyrics show up on the screen. Not only that but, they look much nicer! As in the previous version of WeLyrics, as the music plays the lyrics will scroll. However, it is much smoother with the update to version 0.8. I still find that the lyrics change much too slowly! I would love to see the lyrics scroll just before they are sung instead of a few words after! Another cool new features is that the app now supports local lyrics files. Which means if the mp3 file of a song has the lyrics built into it, it will pull those lyrics. The local lyrics files are kept in the ~/media/Lyrics folder on your iPhone. I also found out, thanks to an email, that the lyrics are pulled from an online server – http://www.coollittlethings.com. I think the update definitely improves the overall look of the app however, I’m still looking forward to a few small changes! WeLyrics is available through the weiPhone source.

WeLyrics 0.8 WeLyrics 0.8 WeLyrics 0.8

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  1. The words scroll late because people sync them late. It’s all user contributed timing.

  2. likwidfuzion says

    You forgot to mention that there is an option to pick the color of the lyrics (green, red, blue, white).

  3. Denis_crossbow says

    No lyrics for My Chemical Romance….

  4. Denis, u can upload lrc file yourself.
    i sent the email, call me Eric, pls. i will try my best to keep u informed if any update comes.

  5. jonnee333 says

    @ MIG did you ever stop and think that they didn’t have any problems with this app. Personally I think they have gone above and beyond the call off duty when it comes to this site and all the work they put into it. You have a jailbroken phone and should proceed AT YOUR OWN RISK. Don’t blame others for your mistakes, lack off research, and flat out lazyness.
    Thank you A.I.S. For all your time and hard work, if it wasn’t for this site and your podcast I would have never gotten my phone were it is today. Keep it up most of us appreciate you.

  6. Steve (UK) says

    Well put Jonnee333…

    I had installed the 0.6 version of this app and was driving along listening to music in the car, singing along with the lyrics over an edge connection – (it works well – please don’t tell the authorities though)

    To cut a long story short – after it became a bit too distracting, I tapped the dustbin icon to get rid of the lyrics… Now, even after uninstalling and reinstalling 0.8 I can’t get them to come back up. I’ve tried enabling, disabling, re-enabling, rebooting, changing the colours, force-quitting iPod and then playing Parking Lot for half an hour, all to no avail (though I did progress a few levels on PL) :o(

    Has anyone managed to get out of a similar scrape?

    BTW – I find this site invaluable – well done guys – thank you for your dedication!

  7. I had the 0.6 ver. and no problem except it could not found much lyric. Today i have uninstalled the 0.6 and installed the 0.8 and then the problems:
    1) some time ipod crash.
    2) vWallpaper stop working.
    3) always not enough lyric.
    Unfortunatly even if i unistalled weLyric, not enough developped, vWallpaper does not work any more. I have tried also to uninstall and install again vWallpaper, i boot and reboot a lot of time but without result!
    Please help :(

    P.S.: I have an 1.1.3. Jailbreaked iPhone, sorry for my poor english.

    P.S.: i’ve a 1.1.3 jailbreake iPhone, sorry for my poor english.

  8. I have had no problem with this application.

  9. John Larsson says

    Just wanted to tell i’ve the same iPod-crashing problem. Every second time I change song and use WeLyrics my iPod crashes. Any solutions? Or will there be more updates on this app?

    Thanks.. Great app i love it anyway!!


  10. hmmm….not syncronized with the song. too fast