WeLyrics 0.8

WeLyrics Version 0.8 of weLyrics adds a few new features. When you turn on the lyrics, you will notice that a lot more lyrics show up on the screen. Not only that but, they look much nicer! As in the previous version of WeLyrics, as the music plays the lyrics will scroll. However, it is much smoother with the update to version 0.8. I still find that the lyrics change much too slowly! I would love to see the lyrics scroll just before they are sung instead of a few words after! Another cool new features is that the app now [Read more…]

WeLyrics 0.6

WeLyrics WeLyrics is an app that adds lyrics right into your iPod application. When you install WeLyrics, it will put an icon on your SpringBoard however, the only option in the actual application itself is whether or not you would like the lyrics on or off. When the lyrics are turned on, it will display lyrics to the songs playing in your iPod. To display the lyrics while a song is playing, just tap on the album art (the middle of the screen). It will take a second to download the lyrics. Once the lyrics are downloaded, it will scroll through them as the song plays. The current lyric are in white and the lyrics that are coming up are in grey just below the current lyrics. If it is not able to find lyrics for a song, [Read more…]