iPhone Theme – SpaceCamtessa

There was a new SummerBoard theme – SpaceCamtessa – that I decided to give a try. When I first installed it, I’m wasn’t sure I liked it. Well, after some tweaking, I decided I would keep it around for a while. Which means you guys get to see it too! I personally wasn’t big on the Theme’s Wallpaper or Dock. So, I turned off the Theme’s Wallpaper and Dock in SummerBoard and turned on the reflective Dock that I love so much (using Kate). Much better! However, there was another issue, the Text icon was still stock. So, I did the first thing I always do when a Stock app’s icon is not working in a Theme, SSH in and make sure they are labeled correctly. It was not. It was titled SMS instead of Text. So, I change the title of the icon to Text and resprung my SpringBoard. It is amazing what a little tweaking can do….much better! One of my favorite things about a jailbroken iPhone is that you can customize it to fit your own style. Even with this one theme, there are a ton of ways to customize to make it your own!

iPhone Theme - SpaceCamtessa

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  1. Do you just try themes that show up on the installer? There are way better themes out there, Brooke. ;)

    Try Agua, Lush, Black Neon, Neue, iPear over at MacThemes forums.

    • Yeah, I scope out other themes but I tend to write about the ones in the Installer because more people are able to get them. Some people do not know how to SSH in a theme.

  2. hey guys in the left side in system it says ceterpillar instead of Kate so maybe you want to check that out

  3. oh and the theme is cool (srry for double posting)

  4. SkylarEC says

    cool theme!

  5. alex_dlc says

    well, the theme dosnt look like in that pic

  6. alex_dlc says

    this is what the theme actually looks like http://modmyifone.com/info/spacecamtessa.php

  7. beijingpal says

    can anyone help me? i upgraded my system to 1.4 and now i cant find the smb preferences where you are allowed to change the theme of the icon page? is there any version for the 1.4.?
    also there are a lot of applications i canot use installer to install to my iphone why is that? then how do i do it?
    how do i install bsd subsystem?
    sorry for these questions…… or should i downgrade to 1.3?