iPlot 0.52

iPlot iPlot is a graphing calculator on the iPhone! I think the last time I used a graphing calculator was in High School and I’m not sure I really understood it then! So, I will do my best. Here is a description, via the developer, of what the app does.

“Program draws mathematical functions. It can find roots, minimum, maxium and integrals of functions. You can also draw derivate of functions. You can add up to 20 functions to graph. IPlot has a lot of different elementary functions. For example: sin(x), ln(x) also some rare ones: csc(x)… You can do all the necessary graph manipulations: pan, zoom in and out, zoom to defined region and set graph limits by hand. See more about features in help section of program.”

When the app opens, you will get the main screen. From here you can go into the Options, Help, Plot which bring you to the actual graph and Add which allows you to add a function and choose the color of the line. Once you have everything set the way you would like it, select plot which will open the graph. Just tap and drag to move the graph around. You can single tap to get a menu bar with more options for the graph. Double tapping will bring you back to the main menu. This app seems like it would very handy for people who use this type of thing. It has an easy-to-use interface and seems to be a sturdy app. iPlot if available through the BigBoss source.

iPlot 0.52 iPlot 0.52 iPlot 0.52 iPlot 0.52 iPlot 0.52 iPlot 0.52 iPlot 0.52 iPlot 0.52 iPlot 0.52 iPlot 0.52 iPlot 0.52 iPlot 0.52 iPlot 0.52 iPlot 0.52

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  1. it does not do enough and is to hard, and you spend to much time trying to type in functions! a little too unrealistic for me to put down my ti graphing calculator and take only my iphone to school. and they wouldn’t let me use my phone in school anyways! well that’s my review for yah.

  2. alex_dlc says

    still cool

  3. well i like it :p
    it’s another thing we can do with our iphone’s/ipod touch’s
    it’s enough for me
    and typing the functions in isn’t that hard

  4. D.Launay says

    the app doesn’t save the function we add…Am i the only one experiencing this ?

  5. I actually downloaded this app 3days ago =]> I really really love it, bacicially I just saved 100$ on a stupid calculator I’d ony use in High School, all on my iPod =]>

  6. As said above, it doesn’t do much and can be difficult to understand. Better stick with the ti-89.

  7. This app has locked up my phone twice now. Is anyone else having this problem. I can not get it to recover this time. I can push buttons on screen but they just stay gray.

  8. Integration is broken (some functions integrated with an error as large as 0.1 or 0.2)

  9. one of the usefulst apps i saw…
    so i hope it will run with 2.0