iFlight 0.1

iFlight iFlight is an application that allows you to track flights and get up-to-date flight information right on your iPhone. The app opens to a default flight. On the lower menu bar you will notice three options; Flight which is the option the app opens to, Airport which is not available with this release and About which gives you more info about the app. The app automatically opens to the Departure flight, to see the Arrival flight just tap the green arrow in the lower right of the screen. There is also a refresh button in the upper right of the screen. Now, you will want to enter your personal flight information.

Just tap the little Note icon in the upper right corner. You will get a menu where you can enter the Airline Code, Flight Number and Departure Date. Be sure to select save after you have enter all the information for your flight. It will then change all the information on the Departure screen to your flight info. You are able to see the flight number, where the flight is departing from, the time of departure, the date of departure and what the status of the flight is. You can then tap the green arrow and see all the information for your arriving flight. I entered two different flights with two different airlines and it correctly found both. The only thing I would love to see with this app is the ability to add more than one flight. However, I still see this as being an extremely useful app!! I look forward to using it in the future! iFlight is available through the Smart-Mobile source.

Note: It will save the flight information you entered last when you close and reopen the app! Which is great…that always makes me a little nervous the first time I close an app! No one wants to re-enter the info everytime!

iFlight 0.1 iFlight 0.1 iFlight 0.1 iFlight 0.1 iFlight 0.1 iFlight 0.1 iFlight 0.1 iFlight 0.1 iFlight 0.1 iFlight 0.1 iFlight 0.1

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  1. cool_guy says

    WOW! this will be a killer app for me!

  2. Does the Russian airports support in this app?

    • I don’t know but, I can try it for you if you do not want to install the app until you know. Just give me a Russian Airline Code, Flight Number and Departure Date.

    • It doesn’t support any English flights, so I doubt it’ll support Russian flights either.

  3. would like to see it include a flight tracker map display

  4. Hi All,

    It should be support most flights in all major airports.
    Please note that: you can see flight status not over 3-5 days
    ahead of current day. It is limitation online flight database.

    Next release, will be include current day Departure/Arrival Flight table
    on major airport.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    iFlight Developer

    • bfswbass says

      mine seems to be stuck on feburary 19 even if i change the flight and date. since you are a devloper, would you know how to fix this?

  5. iFlight is another application very useful, I can check timetable of the most airlines even domestic flight easily with iFlight.

    Good job! I’m waiting for next version.. :)

  6. Good job!!! it’s very useful for me. :)

  7. already installed in my iphone , very cool ! , Many Thanks to iFlight Developer.

  8. Nuttasart says

    iFlight – application source is the most easy to use and search for schedule for departure/arrival of flight.

    Thank You

    Rainbows and smart-mobile.com/beta

  9. I fly once a year, i dont think i need this app :)

  10. This is an outstanding app that has been very well implemented. I have been using it for months and it has never let me down.

  11. How do I get this app. I added the repository http://smart-mobile.com/beta and refreshed the installer but iFlight does not show up.

    I travel a couple of times a month and would really like to try this.


  12. I added the resource but I can’t see the application to be istalled. Any idea why? I have 1.14 iPhone version.

  13. I install the sourse as well on my iphone 1.1.4 and I cant find the app…. any idea!!

  14. I just added the source with out “www” and it works!!!

  15. I have it too without “www” and it doesn’t work for me.

  16. I found it, the app, but while I am downloading it, i got a message that say that first I have to install Jiggy Runtime 0.26 or later; I try to install these app, but I am not able….

  17. Source must be down, or having problems.
    I’m timing out when I try to download the app.
    I haven’t experienced an other issues with other apps sources..

  18. App doesn’t e to be available anymore, added to source , refreshed but no smart-mobile.

  19. Is it possible from those who succeeded to install this app, to copy it to another more stable source?

  20. You can install from this source also.

    Please add this source: http://iappdev.com/i
    and iFlight will be in “Thai iPhone Developer” category.


    • Tried smart mobile source several times (with and without the “www”) but to no avail. It was categorised as “Untitled” in my list of sources.

      Then tired iappdev.com/i and it worked fine. Installed and working great. Thanks for this app and looking forward to future updates.


    • Excellent!

      Thanks rainbow.

      I look forward to the next release too

  21. It worked.


  22. Same problem: I got a message “Please install the Jiggy Runtime version 0.26 or Later first” :-(

    • So install Jiggy Runtime from the Jiggy Repository (jiggyapp.com/i). You need it to run certain apps.

  23. cool dude

  24. happyman says

    cool program.. tq v much krub

  25. xenon_arty says

    Great great program.
    Very cool and very useful, You’re the man

  26. 2warm.multiply.com says

    very useful! don’t hesitage to install

  27. Thanks a lot,It’s very useful for me.
    Awesome App !!!

  28. Cool

  29. Thank mate!!

  30. Share Up !. Well done app team.

  31. Thanks!!!

  32. it’s good my sis use when she come from NY to BKK she said that very good

  33. doraemon_k2004 says

    It’s a very cool program

    Thanks very much ครับ

  34. So Cool!!

  35. wow !!

    iFlight very good

  36. Thank you i work!!!

  37. iFlight is the coolest..!it sure kept my bro-in-law quiet with his palm centro..!haha

  38. any plans to port this over to 2.0 firmware?

  39. so this isnt for 2.0?

  40. Hey guys!! how i download?


  41. Silvano(Italy) says

    Dear Friends,
    could anybody help me to download this application? It would be very important to me and I would very much appreciate if someone could help.
    whay is the easiest way to download this app?????
    I dont understand where to start


  42. Silvano(Italy) says

    please answear !!!!!!!!!