TypeIt4Me 0.6.0

TypeIt4MeTypeIt4Me is a Mac program that was ported over to the iPhone/iPod Touch. The whole point of this application is to make your life easier when typing e-mails by using abbreviations. When you open TypeIt4Me, there will be a blank box were you can type freely, and then at the bottom you have options like “add” and “edit”. If you type in “brb” into the blank box, “be right back” will appear. This application has many of the common acronyms already built in, but you can add and edit them if you want to. The coolest feature of this application is being able to e-mail the text you just typed. TypeIt4Me makes it so much easier to type long e-mails on your iPhone/iPod Touch. You can get TypeIt4Me from the Ettore Software Ltd source. Check out the screen shots below.

TypeIt4Me 0.6.0 TypeIt4Me 0.6.0 TypeIt4Me 0.6.0 TypeIt4Me 0.6.0 TypeIt4Me 0.6.0 TypeIt4Me 0.6.0 TypeIt4Me 0.6.0 TypeIt4Me 0.6.0 TypeIt4Me 0.6.0

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  1. Finally one of the functions of the Sidekick that I liked a lot. I’m curious to see how this one works out for the iPhone.

  2. nice app

  3. Can this be used with SMS ?

  4. @ matty:
    here is how it works:

  5. is there an app that will do the opposite? as in allow you to make your own abbreviation rules, and then allows you to condense text?
    e.g. say for example i want to type “good night” in an sms. “gd nyt” is probably the shortest it could get. Ridiculous i know. But then if we had a button in an SMS program, that would condense text based on predefined abbreviations, it would save people lots of money in sending 1 rather than 2 sms’s. This way, we could still have the dictionary correct any wrong keystrokes, since we’ll still be typing “good night”, but then a condense after that would turn it into “gd nyt” saving texting space.

    • The character limit for text messages is 160 characters. If you’ve got more to say than that, I would recommend calling them…

  6. yes. its 10cents a txt version normal rates

  7. hi,

    I can’t get the source to work. I tried it with both www and without.

    • Make sure that the capitalization is exactly the same too. Your iPhone will auto-capitalize the word iPhone but, in the source url it is all lower case.

  8. That worked. Thanks

  9. lisan turkiye seçenek istiyoruz. tanıtım için mersii

  10. hi!

    is it possible to sync the abbreviations file with the mac?
    or – if not – is there an easy way to put the file which seems to be on the mac a normal text file to transfer it to the iphone so that you can use it?

  11. Has there been any progress on this? Is there a release date in mind?

  12. SpeedyWriter (new name for TypeIt4Me on iPhone) should hit the AppStore any day now (submitted to Apple Dec 23).

    Happy New Year!


  13. will SpeedyWriter in any way be able to sync the entries on the mac with them on the iphone (maybe at a later time?)?

    thanks for that great programm


  14. My daughter has a PC. Is there a PC version of Typeit4me?


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