JCalc 1.0

JCalc JCalc is an extended calculator application. When you open the app, you will get a splashscreen of a Dalmatian (yes, the dog…it’s totally random). From here you will see a Calculator. When you enter a function into the calculator, it will display it on the screen above the calculator. However, once the function scroll off the screen you can not see them anymore. It would be great if you could scroll the display screen. You can see the rest of the calculator options by scrolling your finger up/down on the calculator. This is a simple but functional application. JCalc is available through the BigBoss source.

JCalc 1.0 JCalc 1.0 JCalc 1.0 JCalc 1.0 JCalc 1.0

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  1. Hi,

    Nice app. But how do you use the %.

  2. Is MCalc still the best?

  3. myownregister says

    the % function indeed does not work. 100+10% generates an error. lol

  4. % is for modulus as it is in every programming language. not percentage.

    the dog is my miniature dalmatian. the J is for Junior


  5. No kidding I just want a business calculator or even a mortgage calc.

  6. I just need simple calculator with % function

  7. alex_dlc says

    seriously? you need a calculator to do %? thats not even on graphing calculators, so why would it be on simple ones?

    side note, theres something wrong with the site, it dosnt load well.

  8. The precision is very poor:

    1-0.97 = 0.030000000000000027

    5000-1276.97 = 3723.0299999999997