moleskine 0.45b1

moleskineThe update to version 0.45b1 of moleskine now adds an email function allowing you to email your notes. This feature is a long time in the coming! I’m glad to finally see it implemented! To email a note, just go into the note and tap on the Record icon at the bottom of the screen. You will then see a new icon that looks like an envelope…that is your email icon. When you email a note, it is put into the email in text format. It does not email a file but instead adds the text from your note directly into the body of the email. Which I like! moleskine is avialable through the databinge source.

moleskine 0.45b1 moleskine 0.45b1 moleskine 0.45b1

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  1. Boaz van Veen says

    i get a error at installing this application.
    Script execution failed or something like that.

  2. Is this the first time you’ve installed this app? I’ve been updating since it came out, and never had a problem. I’m on Ziphone 1.1.4 … you? I believe some people are having problems with the new installer.

  3. Now if only there was a way to copy an email into moleskine.

    I have found that all the movement at times gets frustrating.
    Shake it to the left and caps off/on, but I wanted it to go back to
    the original folder.
    Also when creating a folder the first letter never is capitalized, it would be nice if this was a default like in most of the apps.
    I would like to move notes from 1 folder to another, to combine at times or be able to copy it into a new note in another folder.

    That said this app is VERY VERY rich in features so much that they go all over the place at times.

    Anyway its better then not having an app like this available.

    • An email into moleskine WOULD be nice, but that’s never going to happen. (Copy and Paste anyone) I do feel that now that it imports notes, the whole process has become easier, since I can quickly copy and paste from my desktop to remoteNotes, then import.

      I personally don’t use the movements, and just navigate with the touch. Every movement (except caps on and off) has a touch command as well. The only tricky part is to not move by accident.

      I believe the last big thing this app needs is indeed moving a note, or folder to another folder. It’s easy to go crazy with this app and get into a situation where you need to subdivide categories, and you are out of luck. It’s in the request list, so I hope it will get done. The way this app gets updated, it will be quite complete in no time.

      Like you said, I’d rather have this app than not. It’s already one of my most used apps on the iphone.

  4. Funny – I never stumbled upon this application before. Guess I will stick to my Moleskine notebook (much cheaper then an iPhone) LOL

  5. can anyone help me moleskin has never worked for me no matter what version I have 1.1.4 unlocked with ziphone