Touchpad Pro 4.11

Touchpad Pro According to the developer, the update to Touchpad Pro “…fixed a bug where for large monitors (eg Apple 30″) with very large vertical resolutions, you couldn’t scroll below a certain threshold.” Hopefully the fix will help some of you! I do not have a monitor large enough to test it out on so, you will have to let me know in the comments if the fix is working correctly! Touchpad Pro is available through the BigBoss source.

Touchpad Pro 4.11

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  1. wow. this is amazing and love the new Interface for this site when you are on an iPhone

  2. I have a 24″ monitor and I have trouble scrolling to the right, it doesnt scroll smoothly, instead it hangs and then scrolls, thats the only issue I am still having.

  3. I have a 24″ monitor and it seems to get stuck when scrolling the same as in 4.10

  4. the update also patches a file that allowed hackers to crack the software for free unlimited use.

  5. grafagoggel says

    yes it works. great!! I’ve got a 22″ monitor and had the problem before.

  6. this problem was affecting my 23″

  7. Machappy says

    This is great app and I just paid for it (guess that means it’s good). I used to have issue with my Mac Pro because I have 30″ monitor AND another monitor hooked up and it didn’t work on that set up. Working now! I use it more for my living room Mac Mini as a remote control. Really nice.