iSofa – Control your Mac from your iPhone/iPod Touch.

iSofa allows you to control your Mac from your iPhone/iPod Touch. Below is a video showing how the application works and some information about iSofa via their website.

• Keynote Remote
• iTunes Remote
• VLC Remote
• DVD Player Remote
• QuickTime Remote
• FrontRow Remote
• iTunes Alarm Clock Remote
• Browser / Launcher
• Screen wake up
• Screen sleep
• Screensaver launcher

How it works
You just have to install iSofa on your Mac.
iSofa is a web application, it uses the Apache web server of your Mac.
You will access iSofa using Safari from your iPhone / iPod Touch.
Once iSofa is installed, an administration page is available from your Mac :

Mac OS Tiger or Leopard
iPhone/iPod Touch (no need to be jailbroken)

To find out more about iSofa and to download it, check out their website.

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  1. Tried it out…..Its a nice application and works perfectly..Only problem being u need to be careful as it turns on the web service of your macbook, so remember to shut the service when not in use

  2. Tried this on my 20in iMac and it works flawlessly.
    Another great reason I will not be getting rid of my iphone in the near future. Some of these apps are amazing

  3. Nice app.
    It’d be so cool if they make it possible to use iSofa in other OS such as Linux or Windows. :P

  4. Works well on the Mac. Almost exactly like Telekinesis (cept Tele has webcam capture, but no media control, also it has screenview feature)
    But its almost as good as TouchPad Pro without screen viewing.

    Songs or media can either be played on the Mac or the iPhone. Dont think the video mentioned that : ) Click on the song title to play it via Safari.

  5. my friend recommend my use this software before but I forgot