Changing your Boot Logo without Rejailbreaking

Doug decided to give one of the new features of WinPwn 1.0 a try. It is a feature that allows you to change you Boot Logo and Restore Logo without actually restoring/jailbreaking your iPhone. This is how to do it and how it went for Doug.

Note: Your iPhone needs to be pwned to do this.

1. Open WinPwn on your computer.

2. Select the Browse .ipsw option in WinPwn.

3. Select a firmware off of your computer. It has to be an original firmware not one you created using WinPwn. It does not actually use the firmware or do anything with it, you just need to do it to get to the next step.

4. Select the Custom Logos option in WinPwn. You can either Browse their online collects or choose one you have created by selecting the Boot Logo option.

5. Once you have chosen your Boot Logo and Restore Logo select Update Logos.

6. You will then see some script scroll across your iPhone. This is ok, you just have to wait!

7. Once the script has finished, your iPhone will restart and you will have the new Boot and Restore Logos.

Doug said it was quick and easy. He did get a little nervous when the scrolling script paused for a minute. But, he just waited and it kept going. Let us know in the comments if you have changed your Boot Logo and how it went for you.

Here are both Doug and my Boot Logos.
Doug\'s Boot Logo
Brooke\'s Boot Logo

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  1. im scared to pwn mine
    i just jailbreak it using ijailbreak

  2. How would one go about and make their own logo?

  3. bongbongsan says

    after i have used my custom logo can i restore to the original boot logo?

  4. hey guys
    i find it kinda strange, every time i download a firmware file, when it decompresses and no longer acts as a firmware. if i open it i see the individual files in it. i use a mac, and i downloaded Pwnage Tool, do u know wuts up?

  5. Do you have to have jailbroken your device with WinPwn, or can it be done after using a different meathod.

  6. Hi guys, I downloaded Winpwn 1.0 and it works great. Once you select the apps you want, then just continue to build the firmware. I downloaded Gimp 2 and Save to Web to make my own Boot and Restore logos….Its Great!!!

  7. I have a Mac, and I am guessing the WinPwn is for Windows? Can you do this with Pwnage Tool to do the same thing? I have tried, but there is no button for “Update Logos”, just an OK button, but that makes me save the .ipsw file on my computer.


  8. one last question
    my iPod is jailbroken thru ziphone, these instructions make it sound lik I’m going to have to go thru the whole restore in order 2 use pwnage 2 change the boot logo, am I rite?

    • I have iphone jailbroken thru ziphone but this worked for me and both the boot logo and recovery logo changed without the need for restoring so i think this might work on ipod as well.

  9. This is a great post. I had personalized everything including the taskbar and system sounds but couldnt change the boot logo. But now everyhting on my phone is personalized and it looks great.

  10. I tried to change the boot and restore logo, but i’m not able see and select any of icons on ONLINE IMAGE GALLERY, it’s all blank… So i tried to select an image i created, and error message shows up saying ‘FAILED TO CONVERT LOGO TO DEVICE FORMAT! A GENERIC ERROR OCCURRED IN GDI+.’, i’m not sure what does it mean though… Can you guys help me to solve this problem?

  11. I tried this tuto,

    but the logo did no changed.
    any idea?

  12. Can this be done with the original Pwnage tool for Mac and without restoring it again? Also,
    Does anyone know how to change to transparent the background on the unlock screen where time and date is displayed?
    Thanks guys!

  13. Using Pwnage Tool, after choosing the boot and restore logo, where is the Update Logos button?

  14. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!
    I NEED 2 KNW!!!!!!

  15. jovelster says

    I just did it on mine and it took about 10 seconds to do its thang

  16. I am jailbroken through iLiberty+, will I need to jailbreak through winpwn to get the custom boot logos?

  17. process is as smooth as brooke mentioned…thank u!

  18. I’ve tried, now i’m able to change the boot and restore logos only by using the built-in online library, but if i choose from any other of my cutomized logos, the same error “failed to convert logo to device format! a generic eror occurred in GDI+” still there… Wondering is there a bug in this program or something’s wrong with my logo.. But i tried download the logo provided by Doug above, and tried to use it in WinPwn also the same thing…

  19. I tried this and it said that it had to put my iPod into recovery mode and try again. Any ideas?

  20. Hello Doug or Brook…

    Could I get your moidfied PINK apple logo??- it is pretty sweet…

    Thanks a million!!

  21. Is this somehow possible with Pwnage on a Mac? Or only with WinPwn? I think matt asked this too, but didn’t get an answer….

  22. After you press browse.ipsw, how do you select your firmware from the browse screen? Sorry, im a noob…

  23. nevermind, i got it, and it worked pfectly, thank you :)

  24. doesn’t work with WinPwn does it?

    Does anyone know how to change the boot logo after pwnage in an iPhone 3G?

  25. Hi devesh,
    After reading other posts I think this is not possible at the moment(pawnagetool-2.1).

    For the others: Here is the retro apple logo for bootscreen (like above but without the applescool). Also as GIMP files if you would like to add custom text to it :)


  26. aight is there a way to put a custom boot logo without winpwn or pwnage like winscp i mean i never have pwned my ipod and im runnin at 1.1.3 so i jsut want a different boot logo and i will do the process of winscp or cuteftp only EMAIL

  27. Ricardo Felix says

    I cant see update boot logo in the new winpwn

  28. Note:
    4.Select the Left side Custom Logos option in WinPwn. The left side one is first priority then the right side one is second priority. I prefer select your same file both side and give the file name bootlogo.png.

    I successfully changed the logo.
    Thank you all.

  29. is there a way to create your own icon?

  30. What If I have A 3g itouch??? will it work??

  31. What if I’m already jailbroken and don’t wan to use Winpwn? Isn’t there a file – perhaps some .PNG – that I can replace? Where would I find such a file? I’ve searched the entire phone for a boot.png or Boot.png, etc… I find hundreds of PNGs, but they belong to my apps and Themes. Can anyone help, here? I’m running iOS 4.0.1 on a 3GS…