FingerprinterV2 – Fingerprint Mod

Here is a cool mod that I ran across. It changes your Side To Unlock to a one-touch “fingerprint recognition.” I will say that it is a nice change from the normal Slide To Unlock! Below are the steps on how to install it. It is really quick and easy!

Note: You will need Customize in order to install this mod.

1. Open Cusotmixe

2. Select Theme Browser

3. Select All Themes

4. Select Search in the upper right corner.

5. Search for Fingerprinter

6. Selcet FingerprinterV2

7. Select Download in the upper right corner.

8. Select My Theme on lower menu bar.

9. Select FingerprinterV2

10. Select Apply Theme to Device.

11. Wait for it to Apply and then tap your Home Button.

Voilà, you should now have fingerprint recognition instead of slide-to-unlock. Below are some screenshots. Enjoy!

FingerprinterV2 FingerprinterV2 FingerprinterV2

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  1. cool_guy says

    May I know how do I revert back to ‘slide to unlock’ after I applied this theme?

    • -Customize
      -Customize Images/Sounds
      -System Images
      -Bottom bar, call slider, main slider, power bar, power slider.

    • cool_guy says

      Thanx! Much appreciated!

  2. How DownLoad Customize to iPod 1.1.4??

  3. It’s very nice. I had downloaded it a couple days ago. Side note: posted this from the awesome AIS mobile site. :)

  4. is it actually your finger print? or just an image aka no real security?

    • Just an image. It would be sweet if it was actually your fingerprint! It will happen, you just wait and see! Until then, you will want to still have your password turned on.

    • wow u reply mighty fast =] its 1am in the morning here so either u work really late or your in a different time zone.

  5. Dondesign says

    Great work!

  6. customixe? :) I understand

  7. Customize 2 !


    • yeah, we’ve tried this on 2 iPhone and from 2 different sources and neither work for us. Anyone else get it to work? We’re going to do a review but gonna have to say it didn’t work for us…

  8. Question: I have Summerboard and Customize on my phone. I accidently overwrote my original lockscreen wallpaper with a picture and now i cant change my lockscreen wallpaper with summerboard. it just stays the same. Anyone know hows to fix this or if there is an orignal lockscreen wallpaper i can download in customize?

  9. actually i cant even change my homescreen wallpaper with summerboard. I dont know how to fix

  10. sorry and i cant change my wallpaper by going into settings. I even downloaded the apple system defualts from customize and it doesnt work…this sucks

    • To change your springboard wallpaper with customize you need summerboard, in summerboard go to themes and select “Customize” or something along those lines.

      Also be sure you have “theme wallpaper” and “Springboard wallpaper” enabled in summerboard.

      Now you should be able to change the springboard wallpaper. If it still does not work then restart your device “full shutdown and power on”

      To change your lockscreen paper you must go into “Customize Images and sounds” In customize 2.0, then “Wallpaper” and finally “Lock Screen Wallpaper” all things listed in this category can be used on the lockscreen.

    • no i used to be able to (with customize installed) change my wallpaper with just going into settings and picking my wallpaper and it would change the lockscreen. when i do that now it just stays with the one that is picked with customize. My orignial backup in customize got replaced with a picture and now it just stays on that picture all the time.

    • mine us the same I can’t change the wallpaper in my settings, its just staying at the stock earth wallpaper. I restored and that still doesn’t fix it either. Please can somebody help!!!!

    • Matty (and anyone else having the issue)

      to make your wallpaper change again by using your settings. do either of the following

      1. SSH into iphone and navigate to /private/var/mobile/Library and delete the file named Lockbackround.jpg and then it should work.

      2. Use mobile finder and navigate to ~/Library( just hit the “~” in the right top corner and the click library) and delete LockBackround.jpg and it should work

      it bothered me to so i had to find a fix. It worked for me so it should work for anyone else

      FW 1.1.4

    • Thanks very much worked perfectly!!!!

  11. Dark n Cold says

    Hi, i try downloading the fingerprinterV2 file and nothing happens, just says downloading but does not seem to download it. Any help much appreciated.

  12. Hi, I tried this app but how do I uninstall it? I’ve tried to uninstall it in Customize and then unistall Customize but fingerprint is still there. Please help.

  13. Is it possible to write a real script comparing two images?
    Looks pretty easy, so, once again – waiting for real one:).

  14. Didn’t work for me
    -Set SMB to Customize Theme
    -Applied them in Customize

    Didnt work, am I missing something?

  15. can someone go into customize and see under their orignal backup under Wallpaper and then lockscreen if it is blank or does it have a black picture?

  16. I wouldn’t get too excited for a real finger print recognizer for iPhone. The screen does not have such capabilities.


  18. I can’t revert back. Tried what Matt stated above but it doesn’w work. Have the fingerprint thing and the slider bar.

    • cool_guy says

      Please help us! I should have never installed this!! Because now I cant revert back either…

    • To go back to your stock Slide To Unlock. First uninstall FingerprinterV2 by going into Customize/ThemeBroswer/My Themes and then choosing FingerprinterV2 and then selecting Uninstall in the upper right corner. Now, follow these steps:

      – Go into Customize Images/Sounds
      – Select System Images
      – Open all of these options (Bottom bar, call slider, main slider, power bar, power slider) and select OriginalBackup and then Apply. Make sure you select OriginalBackup and Apply for all of them.
      – Once finished setting OriginalBackup for them, Exit and Respring

      That worked for me with no problem.

    • cool_guy says

      It worked! Thank you!! Really really appreciated!

  19. Didn’t do anything 4 my 1.1.4 ipod touch that only has that on it with the SUID Lib fix. ANYONE have a solution for said statement above?

  20. Doesn’t work on 1.1.4 iPhone with customize 2.0b

  21. I can,t find fingerprinterV2 in my customize theme pls help

    • Having the same problem as Rafik. Can’t seem to find this anywhere in Customize. Has it been removed??

  22. Does it really recognize your finger? no? you just have to hit a spot, right? It can’t really find out if it is your (or any) finger?

  23. Works now — cool!

  24. i downloaded it, apllied it, but my slider is still the original…didnt work…whats the problem here? help please…


  25. AuricGoldfinger says

    thats cool, I really like the goldfinger theme located in the photo, which I created by the way. Check it out if u like it let me know : )

  26. hi brook , how are you??
    i install customize 2.0 and i have version 1.1.3 , it’s work but not
    i replace the orginal iphone background ( Earth ) with anothere theme, and i tried a lot to bring , orginal iphone ( Earth ) back , but i couldn’t .
    can you helpe me please????????
    my e-mail –>
    thank you.

  27. hi, i have installed customize to my iphone. i cudn’t load customize. can you help me with this

  28. if customize not download its not possible to install it thats the problem

  29. Hi,

    I want to install this app to my iphone 2.0 jailbroken running on 1.1.4.
    is there any way i can install this using independence or ibricker or any other software.

    the reason i am asking is i have dropped my phone accidently and the lower touch screen area is not working, i cant use slide to unlock in my phone :((

    any help on this would be really appreciated


  30. Where do you find the customize to download it? Also, would I need to jail break my i-touch before I persue something suc as this?
    Thank you!

  31. will this be released for the g1 aswell as biowallet? or is this strictly an apple product

  32. i cant get it to work

  33. Plz help, i have just install customize 2.2.0 and i’ve install fingerprintv2, nothing happened , it doesn’t work, what shall i do? plz write me, thx a lot

  34. máy mình cài windows cho Iphone,cũg xài mở khóa = vân tay,nhưg ko biết có thể cài 2 dầu vân tay của mình và bạn mình để cùg mở khóa đc hay ko???

  35. Hey guys
    well i have 2 problems here
    1. my iPhone dont have customize 2 or Installer. it just have Cydia
    and my Cydia sources just got Customize 1 thats is not working on iOS 4.0.2
    2. my cell net sucks and i dont feel like going out of my room for wifi connection.
    how should i get this Fingerprint V2 theme, i’m using iphone pc suite for all things.

  36. Does it actuallly accept only YOUR fingerprint, or even others?

  37. Y

  38. how can i get costomize for ipad

  39. man pls help installer is not available anymore. How can i download customize?

    please reply


  40. What’s up to every one, the contents existing at this site are in fact awesome
    for people experience, well, keep up the good work fellows.


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