iPhone 3G at WWDC Video Now Available

Visit Apple’s website here: http://events.apple.com.edgesuite.net/0806wdt546x/event/index.html

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  1. EvePineda02 says

    After watching some of the video… (I will finish it a little later on I had to run out and do something) but from what I can see is that apple mainly made the iphone to work with big companies as a work phone not as a phone for fun and pleasure or both… I think that it makes sense for apple to do that since there is more money in that direction and really it is the first phone that really does so much and it really is like having a computer in your hands and now that it works with microsoft exchange and the downloading of email has improved really I don’t think that any phone can really come close to the level of apple iphone… they had raised the bar with the first iphone now they just through the bar away and said there is no way anyone is going to beat us now…

  2. i cant decide btwn white or black. its just so purrty.

  3. I cant get the keynote to play in my iPhone… Guess I have to wait till I get off work and view it at home on my computer. (at 6:00am)

  4. great great. wish it had camera in front, that would be nice. but overall still good. just dont like the $99 a year for me.com, thats kinda ridiculous, dont you think?

  5. how about unlocking is that going to be a problem with the new iphone. And are they only selling them thry AT & T or also at the apple store?

  6. Is there a way to download the keynote? i would like to watch it in my tv with XBMC, thank you.