iPhone Running Windows XP

In the Citrix Application Delivery Conference in Melbourne, during the keynote titled Directions in Virtualisation & Application Delivery in the Dynamic Datacentre, XenDesktop was used simulate XP running on an iPhone. XenDesktop is “a next-generation desktop virtualization solution designed for a full desktop delivery experience in a VDI environment.” Basically it is a Unix application that allows Windows Sessions to be accessed over WiFi via a Citrix server. So, the iPhone isn’t actually running windows XP it just looks like it is. Here are some photos from the conference.

iPhone Running Windows XP

iPhone Running Windows XP

Via ZDNet Australia.

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  1. Just like VNC?

  2. Why would you want anything windows on an iPhone?
    Thats like buying a cake and putting rocks in it

  3. Big deal… I hae VNC also…

  4. Maybe I’m getting this all wrong but if I’m not this isn’t as useless as some of you may believe – and it’s definitely not like VNC.

    Our company has a Citrix server that I help manage.

    I don’t know all the details I would like to know about this particular application to make a final judgment yet but if they do things right this could be very exciting for me.

    Unless specifically configured through all of our network firewalls and all of that shenanigans VNC really doesn’t do much for me when I’m sitting at home (or in another state, like many of our off-site employees) and out of our domain.

    If this is doing what I think it’s doing I could connect via our Citrix server, validate credentials through our active directory domain, and have an XP desktop with all the applications I need for work all on my Iphone. Very, very useful.

    Like I said I could very well be completely misunderstanding this but if I am not perhaps some of you should stop and think of the possible applications behind Citrix via Iphone before blowing it off and saying you have VNC too.

    If I am indeed completely wrong in my assumptions and understanding please, feel free to correct me!

    • cloudywold says

      u can control your computer from a diffrent state with vnc i have done it from towns away. Almost the same thing.

    • Yes,

      I never said that you couldn’t. But unless you VPN into your companies network (and again, we’re talking corporate here, not just your PC sitting at home – Citrix isn’t meant for that) you would have to assign this computer a static I.P and then have to configure your entire network to allow whatever ports VNC uses to go on through the various firewalls and point to that static I.P

      Like I said, you could spend the time and configure that if you play nice nice with the I.T department (or are part of the I.T department, as in my case) or you could use the already existing and already configured Citrix server sitting in your server room and connect that way.

      On another note: I’d much rather have our HP server with 4 quad core xeons, 16 gigs of ram, and raided SAS drives host my desktop for me instead of going through VNC and using your… Dell Optiplex 755.

      Just my thoughts, anyways.

  5. Is it just me? Or is an iPhone with Windows a brick?

  6. hmmm vnc?