Restoring Again

AiS Well, I’m not sure what happened but something I installed this morning decided to break my iPhone. So, I am restoring again…using WinPwn. It is pretty easy I just put my iPhone into restore mod, opened iTunes, selected Restore (while holding down the Shift key) and selected the firmware I created using WinPwn. The only thing I forgot to do was pull off my Installer PackageSources.plist!!! I hate when I do that! So, I will give all the applications I installed this morning another go and see if I can figure out what happened.

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  1. Brooke the same thing happened to me. i am so bummed cause i hate having to restore and losing things. Any advice for future restoring that will keep everything I have and basically make this pain easier?

    • Doug backs-up like EVERYTHING before a restore. I usually just pull of any pictures and my Installer PackageSources.plist. That way I do not have to readd all my sources.

    • Brooke we need doug to create a how to back everything up before restoring. I may need to restore but don’t want to/don’t know how to back up all my programs. I especially want to save sketches the way it is before the change to be moved to the appstore. My 3yr old son enjoys it this is the only thing holding me back if anyone could assist. LMK.


    • I don’t get it

    • Which part don’t you get?

    • (((The only thing I forgot to do was pull off my Installer PackageSources.plist!!! I hate when I do that! ))))

      # can you explain this again plz and how it’s work and what to do ??? coz every time i am formatting and re adding every thing again plz help .

  2. David Patrick says

    I feel your pain, did the same this week after about 6 weeks of nice phone:)

    My advise, Backup via timecapsule, works great for most everything, also if you use customize, back that up too

    On the installer, still have not figured out what to do that, I have a list of resources in my repo backep up but when I restore it thinks I have the apps too and I have to delete and reinstall so no sure how to get around this one

    Thanks all

    • About installer thinking you have apps installed, when you back up you installer .plists, do not backup the LocalPackages.plist. This controls what packages installer sees as installed, the ones that appear in the uninstall list.

    • Yeah…I usually just back-up my PackageSources.plist and no other Installer .plists.

      The thing that was really bad about this restore is that my backup in iTunes was bad. So, now I have to redo all my custom mods and I lost a ton of other things.

      I will have to give TimeCapsule another shot the next time I restore. The last two times I used it after a restore, it didn’t work.

    • Sahil Arora says

      getting stuck on boot logo is often coz ppl dont have summerboard and exceed the 72 icon limit on the springboard. to fix u need to ssh in and delete the app

  3. Paul D. Spradling says

    What happened, stuck at the Apple logo on boot?
    There’s a fix for that, I can post it if you want.

    • David Patrick says

      Please post that for all of us, thanks

    • Yes, it was stuck on the boot screen. Totally post your fix…I may have tried it but, maybe not!

    • Da187suspect says

      Wish someone could provide us rookies with a step-by-step on how to restore using Time Capsule i.e. (How to SSH) everything, would be greatly appreciated. :)


    • Yeah i have the same problem 2 weeks, phone stucks on bootscreen. Restored it also with winpwn. After this sometimes it stucks again, so i tried it with press home and power buttons without dock, black screen and it boots again. But if there is an another solution let me know

    • Paul D. Spradling says

      Here you go
      [Guide] How to Fix iPhone stuck at apple logo:

      This usually happens because of a problem with a startup program. I suggest you first let it sit at the apple for 10min to see if it boots. If it doesn’t then follow the guide above to SSH into the iPhone and clear the “startup programs”.
      I have no idea if this fixes problems with Pwnage.

      BTW, as Sahil Arora says: “getting stuck on boot logo is often coz ppl dont have summerboard and exceed the 72 icon limit on the springboard. to fix u need to ssh in and delete the app”. … and then install SummerBoard to patch the 72 app limit :D

  4. David Patrick says

    I use timecapsule for, Webclips, Address, Calendar, mail, weather, stocks mainly, installer never works for me I backup all the files SSH, and Photos dont work at all either along with the new Intelliscreen which still does not quite work either

    But it saves me bigtime with stuff I need

    thanks for the TIP on installer I will remember that

  5. geowarrior says

    I too will be doing a restore as my phone has gone a bit weird after installing itoday only to find that it does not uninstall itself properly!

    Currently backing everything up with TimeCapsule hopefully that should save me some time

    I also keep updated with my favourite apps so if all else fails I have just once source to add to installer to reinstall everything.

    Now my only nagging question is which downgrader should I use this time? I normally use ZiPhone and have had no problems but am willing to try out some others, will be interesting to see the poll result :-)

    • Doug loves iAppCat and he just adds his custom source when he restores too. I like to have quicker access to new apps so, I don’t use iAppCat.

      I like WinPwn…but, that is just personal preference.

  6. David Patrick says

    WinPWN is the way to go, easiest, I made it weeks ago, had to use it yesterday and I am back in business

    I use Iappcat too forgot that one:) but if I do my repo right this time and not use the actual apps back up then I should be ok:)

    I also take a pic of my REPO APPS :) just to remind me what I have on there with Capture:)

  7. David Patrick says

    When I said I made WINPWN I meant I made my own version with custom Graphics:) as it offers

  8. I just finished doing another restore.. its getting to the point where I’m afraid to install anyything. When I see that spinning wheel .. my pulse races and I head myself begging my iPhone to not get stuck!! I just got my iMac last week and have no clue how to restore my iPhone on it. Im keeping my windows around until I can figure it out.. anyone have advice. for an ex vista user with a new iMac?

  9. I’m gonna restore too since my background is not working!! Besides I’m gonna try winpwn! Does anyone know how to make a custom logo of a real picture, I try doing it but it didnt work! Email me at… Thanks!!!

    • geowarrior says

      I read that your own image must be a PNG gile in RGB or Grayscale format with alpha channel present. The dimensions must be below 320×480 pixels. The size of the compressed image is limited to 100 Kb.

      Trying this myself soon, so will let you know if it works!

  10. Brooke
    I am hoping you will answer this question.
    Why would you create a firmware from the one u have when you are one or two apps away from another crash?
    Just my thoughts. App installation causes the OS to become unstayble. So why create a custom firmware and not start with a new firmware?

  11. The firmware I restore with is a custom firmware I created with WinPwn. It was created with a fresh firmware…when I use it to restore the only thing I get is my custom boot logo and Installer (OpenSSH & BSDSubsystem). No other applications, Does that make sense?

  12. hi brooke
    u mentioned PackageSources.plist where can i find it ?
    and what does it include ?is only sources or also apps ?

    the same thing happens to me but what i more need is the contacts ,, !! coz some times itunes doesn’t backup any thing
    i need to have backup file where i can use it when i want !!
    any advise am using winXp not mac!!
    pllzzzz answer me

    • Paul D. Spradling says

      PackageSources.plist contains the list of sources and can be found at /var/mobile/Library/Installer

      TimeCapsule if very good for backing up on Mac and Windows.

  13. ketanitem says

    I don’t know if this has been posted, but I found this very handy when I install apps: keep my login session on with SSH from my Mac, if things go wild I will just delete manually from /Applications those apps I just installed.

    Since I am running my own repo, I keep all the sources in my local mac disk, should a restore needed, I just install it locally from my Mac.

  14. hey guyz, i had a problem wid my iphone. actually it wasn’t detecting ne wifi networks. so i restored it putting it in DFU mode & using iLiberty+. but still my iphone doesn’t detect ne wifi networks. ne idea or suggestions wht should i do? i m on 114, 8 gb using winxp.

  15. Hi, I’m on a 1.1.4 unlocked, jailbroken 8gb iPhone using iLiberty+. I once tried winpwn but when I restored with my custom FW everything worked Wi-Fi, Installer, etc, but it was not reconising my carrier. So no SMS, Phone. I now would like to try again. What do I have to do before clicking iPwner and restoring with my custom FW? Thanks

  16. (((The only thing I forgot to do was pull off my Installer PackageSources.plist!!! I hate when I do that! ))))

    # can you explain this again plz and how it’s work and what to do ??? coz every time i am formatting and re adding every thing again plz help .

  17. whatever says

    I had the same experiance as ketanitem. Springboard died after install, after restart the boot process freezed at apple logo. I delete the last installed app with WinSCP under /Applications folder (very useful Windows app to access your files via SSH protocol) and rebooted my phone and voila the phone up and running again.
    BTW the last installed app was iReboot, be careful with that