This video by ScrollMotion, describes exactly what the iPhone is capable of doing! The possibilities are endless. Below is some very brief information about ScrollMotion and the video.

“ScrollMotion has already built three iPhone applications for the media conglomerate Tribune, and has 25 more iPhone projects for other clients in the works. “We’ll be building out [iPhone] applications for the next two years,” he says. One free, ad-supported application for Tribune that’s expected to be available when the App Store launches keeps track of an iPhone owner’s commute, estimates the travel time, and suggests alternative routes.”
Via BuisnessWeek

Watch “ScrollMotion” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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  1. I think this is very good, but can this work on the iPod touch??

  2. what do you mean if it can work on the ipod touch? this is just a ad for a iphone development company.

    any mac users here that can help me out with a little problem i have? thnx

  3. I’m very confused about what ScrollMotion is, and what they make… They help build apps for other businesses? What kind of apps? Give us a demo of what you’ve done in the past? That video was a waste of my time.

  4. wow i love ad-supported apps…