SpoofAPP 2.1

SpoofAPP The update to version 2.1 of SpoofAPP (an iPhone Caller ID Spoofing, Voice Changing, and Call Recording App) adds a new feature that allows you to download the conversations you have recorded, to your computer. Once you have recorded a conversation using SpoofAPP, you can go into the Recents option and select the recording. You will then get a screen with all the information for that call and the ability to Play the Recording. When Play Recording is selected, you will see a Download Recording to Computer option. This option will give you a pop-up saying that you will need to go to SpoofCard.com and enter your PIN number.

Once you have entered your PIN number on the website, it will display all the calls that you have made using that PIN. You can then select the Listen option next to a call that has a recording. This will bring you to a page in which you can listen to the recording and download the recording to your computer. All you have to do is right click on the Download Recording to Computer option and save it to your computer. It will save the audio file as an MP3. It worked great for me and the audio quality is pretty good.

SpoofAPP is also running a June special that takes 10% off the price of minutes. All you have to do is enter the promo code: app10. SpoofAPP is available through the BigBoss source.

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  1. still only usa tho isnt it!!?

    what bout us uk’er’s?

    • Yeah, according to their website it is still not available for International calling but, they do say that will be available in the future!

    • Yes i am still waiting that it works for me as German customer too,hope in future…

  2. Is something wrong with the BigBoss source ? I can’t seem to update any applications hosted there. It says ‘package download failed’

  3. can anyone tell me why the caller ID isn’t working for me?
    i can make the call go through, but it shows up as “unknown”. someone help please!

  4. Francisco says

    Will this application be available in the App Store?

  5. Does it work in other countries?

  6. That works only Usa and Canada
    BUT: Can I Call Internationally?
    At this time you can only call numbers in the United States and Canada. International calling will however be offered in the near future.

  7. james harcourt says

    I am based in the UK and am having trouble using this app, when i make the call it says:
    ” Invalid response from server, this sometimes happens when your connected to a wifi network but havent logged in yet” i am not connected to a wifi network so why is this happening? any help appreciated