iTunes 7.7 Available for Windows

3:41 AM – I was able to visit Apple’s website and download iTunes 7.7 from there. iTunes wasn’t showing an update from clicking Help > Check for Updates. It is installing now. I will update this post as I have more info.

3:53 AM – Wow, this is taking forever!!!

4:04 AM – Rebooting

4:20 AM – I see no changes reguarding the App Store.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to download for Mac or PC –

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  1. tizocman says

    they changed ipod games to ipod click wheel games
    no app store yet

  2. tizocman says

    besides a application spot in the library i dont see much else

  3. tizocman says

    no mobile me yet
    whats taking so long you said midnight right

  4. the appstore isn’t running yet, right

  5. tizocman says

    yes joshua and i just restored and jailbroke my iphone with ziphone and it seems to work fine just a fyi

    • Do you Restore it with 1.1.4??? And anything works really fine??? I want to Update to iTunes 7.7 too, but i don`t want any Problems for a later Update to iPhone OS 2.0! And Zibri has written on his HP that he won`t Update to iTunes 7.7 and now i`m not sure what to do??!! :-/

    • tizocman says

      i just updated on a mac and then restored cuz i tought 2.0 was out and it was not out so i jailbroke and it still works fine

    • Thank you for this information. But i think i will wait for what Zibri says next. I don`t want to make anything wrong. =)

    • Anonymous says

      listening to zibri will get you in alot of trouble. lol i hope your phone doesn’t fry or brick. lol you should read the huge article at

  6. tizocman says

    anyone got updates on mobile me?

  7. tizocman says

    the mac one is out to

  8. is there any update for the iphone ?!?
    coz i heard the options in iphone 3g will be in iphone for free !! also for the ipod but not free ?!
    did any of the updates appeared ?!?

  9. In Germany the App Store is now working. The Apple Remote App is about 1,1MB in size.

  10. the app store works on the iTunes and u CAN download/buy apps =p


  11. Edit>Preferences and select applications. thats the app store i think

  12. just wait and c ppl….. Everything will be up and running by sunday. Mobileme etc

  13. APPS are there you can download but really cant do anythign with them yet, I will wait for WINPWN 2.0 then do something cant afford 3g yet:(

  14. Anyone find a direct link for x64 version?

    I’m running XP x64 and can tweak the vista x64 to work, but I can’t convince apple’s site to detect me as x64 and offer the file.

  15. Aussiephone says

    Aaahemm!!!! iTunes for MAC is out too. Why don’t you rename your post to announce this also, freakin stupid windows people. Stop being biased or I’ll got to another site from now on.

    • Aussiephone says

      I retract this last post and comments. I noticed you post 2 separate announcements.????? Why?

  16. I cant update itunes from help/chech for update.
    if i download it from than what will happend with my audio video and photo in the old i tunes???

  17. The app store is in fact open, and firmware 2.0 has been leaked. Look for it on them internets. To get the appstore, just go to Edit -> Preferences -> Gen tab and turn on Applications.