MobileMe Now Available!!!

MobileMe ( is up and running…checking it out now, stay tuned!

When you go to you will get a sign-in page. If you were a current .Mac user, you should be able to use your .Mac login info. Other wise, you can choose the Sign up for Free Trial option. Here you will need to enter your Desired Member Name, Password, First Name, Last Name, Current Email Address, Country Language, Date of Birth, a Security Question and the answer to the Security Question. Once you have entered all your info, you we then be brought to a screen in which you will be asked for your billing info. The first 60 days are free after that, it is $99 a year. So, the deal is, if you forget to cancel before the 60 days is up they will automatically start billing you. You will also need to agree to the terms of service.

Once you are finished and selected Sign Up…you will be automatically directed to Apple’s Set-up Page. You can then go back to and check it out. I wish I could tell you more after that but, when we tried to go back to it forwarded us back to Apple’s website again. I’m not sure what the deal is. We will keep trying…let us know in the comments if you were able to get in. Below was the only screenshot I was able to get.


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  1. Finally! I’m all over this :D

  2. So far, it’s very slow. I know… everybody’s trying it at once!!!

  3. Looks like it’s down again! LOL Poor techies at Apple! :-D

  4. It is on and off alot!!! I’ve gotten in four times and failed a million times it would feel like.

  5. Well push email is working os OS2 :)

  6. it’s not working as of 12:41 PM PST

  7. You will see it go up and down through out the day, probably best you hold off on posts saying “MobileMe is now available!” until tomorrow, when it is supposed to actually be available.

  8. I signed up with my credit card info, and now it’s down. Do you think my account will be active once it’s up?

  9. theres no way im paying 100 dollars a year for that

  10. where can i get the 2.0 beta8 for my iPod? it seems not coming out yet

  11. Juerg Hoelzle says

    Where is the button for logging in? I see only “Overview”, “Features” and “Pricing”…

  12. you go to to log in. DUH??? If you don’t already get that part of the deal, i would hope you are not paying for it, or that is SAD!!!!

  13. Do you get 3 months free if you just bought a new Mac.. ?

  14. Anyone have any luck?? i cant seem to get this..mind you i just bought my imac…im lost

  15. Jennifer says

    Will this product let you use your other emails to sync, instead of creating a new email? I don’t want a email, I want to keep my Yahoo email.

  16. George Duffy says

    I dont seem to be able to get on to mobile me .When i put in i get put the apple site for explaining mobileme.

  17. 3h ago I successfully finished the signup process and received a confirmation email. But the webpage is down since then.

  18. Hi Folks,

    Did anyone over the other side of the pond (Old Continent) had any luck in getting to or


  19. Hi i would to know if i3g is going to work in vodacom network, vodacom is under vodafone until now all the vodafone products works perfect in vodacom network is with iPhone be different?

  20. Jennifer says

    I really want to know if you can use your Yahoo email with mobileme. I’m new to this. Or are you required to start a new email? Does anyone know? I have a few yahoo emails I use for home business, I don’t want to change them. I couldn’t find info about this online anywhere…. anyone???? :-) I’m getting my first iphone tomorrow, gonna get in line about 5am tomorrow. :-) If I knew for sure mobileme works with other email accounts, I’m totally in. $149 for family pack isn’t too much to ask for a year.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I noticed that you are able to use\set up Alias email accounts in So maybe if one of your aliases is one of your yahoo accounts possibly you can kinda redirect your emails to…

      Alternativelly you can use email forwarding from your email to your… ;)

      Let is know how you get on. Cheerios, Jorge

  21. umm yea it’s down and hasn’t worked for me all day and I’ve been periodically checking so…
    will it be up @ 12am
    or when?

  22. Alexandre says

    working but….Extremely slow

  23. Will this enable “push email” for any email accounts (Gmail…etc.)? Even pop server accounts like Hotmail?

    • Jennifer says

      That’s what I’d like to know too. No one is answering my two entries so far :-(. Maybe no one knows for sure.

  24. is anyone else having the issue of being able to access everything but mail? Every time I click on mail it ghosts the screen and puts up a quicktime demo of the MobileMe. I can see the emails behind it, but cannot access them. Works fine through the phone, but terrible on the laptop using firefox.

  25. Leonie Sims says

    I thought MobileMe worked on Explorer 7. Why when I go to it says my browser is unsupported and i need to update to either Safari or Firefox?????

  26. Macόπουλος says

    Working like charm! ;)

    It’s not m$ friendly!

    Like the old days when you need to check your mails with a browser other than IE and it said something about using “only” IE.. m$ quirks Then! Apple quirks Now! ;)