What Apps Do You Want Reviewed First?

Apple iPhone SchoolWe will be reviewing apps as soon as the iPhone 2.0 firmware is released. What apps do you want us to review first. This includes all paid for apps so you know what you’re getting before you buy. Let us know in the comments and we’ll get them bought and reviewed. Also, let us know any other information you’re looking for in the next few days. We have some really big ideas for the next 24 hours so stay tuned!

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  1. Some of the games and Top Hit apps (paid ones ofcourse) : )

  2. Google Mobile app!

    I’m a huge Google Accounts user and I’d love to see what they’ve included in their Mobile version. I really hope there’s some good functionality for Google Calendar / Docs / Reader / Mail… to use on my iPod Touch in the future…

    • I agree, I really hope they do a lot. So far it seems it’s just a search app with extra features like mapping and interaction with other apps on the iPhone. We’ll let you know more as soon as we get it on the iPhone!

  3. Super Monkey Ball and Pool Please =D

  4. what is with super monkey ball and enigmo??? :)

  5. Everybody is able to test the free apps himself, without a risk of wasting money. So I really would prefer tests of the not free apps.

    I might buy one or two games and maybe Moo Cow Band.

    The games which seems most interessting to me are:

    Monkey Ball, Bomberman, Enigmo and Cro-Mag Rally.

    So I would love to read tests about them…

  6. Pablo Martinez says

    I think the paid apps should be reviewed first since anyone can test the free apps themselves.

    @ Andrew…. there is no pool game on the app store… yet. :(

  7. Texas Hold’Em

  8. Let me just say that i LOVE you guys and this site. Always so informative and it is the 2nd page i check every morning (ESPN first..kinda a sports junkie…)

    Plus you guys are great responding to emails as well. I know ive had a couple problems with some 3rd party apps and Doug has been on the $$ getting back to me with my issues.

    Just wanted to take a sec to say thank you for everything and im very excited to get all the info on the 3G phone, 2.0 software straight from you guys. Thanx again!

  9. aim
    aol radio
    myspace mobile

  10. There will be free trials

    • There are NO free trails for the paid apps.

      I searched the app store but cant find any. If i am wrong, then where are they?

    • it wouldn’t be in itunes. it will be in app store

  11. @ Pablo Martinez

    There is its in the app store on itunes and made by PosiMotion =]
    Just search pool in the search engine and its the second thing on the list

    And also review AquaForest =D

  12. Tap Tap Revenge

  13. the free ones!!!!!

  14. http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite.net/content.info.apple.com/iPhone/061-4955.20080710.bgt53/iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw

    this is a link to the 2.0 software im restoreing to this right now
    make sure you upgrade itunes first

  15. I second the people that say review paid apps first. We can try the free apps ourselves. ( Are you guys making any money of this site? I hope so – or is it time to donate. :-o )
    It might be good to start with any app that has repeats, like the million soduko’s that will appear, or solitaire, etc … so that I know which one is worth my $$.

    • Installer! :)
      Once iPhone 3G is jailbroken and you can put files on it, the iphone warez will commence and everyone can have super monkey ball for free. :p

  16. My bad, pool was buried under “all apps”

  17. Hey Doug or anyone, this may be a silly question but shouldn’t you still be able to use WinScp?

  18. BibleScope, Band (it is a different from the installer-version?), all ToDo-apps (the free one, the expensive ones (eg Lists, Things etc.) and some money tracking apps.
    Because the productive apps were the type of apps I´ve been waiting for since realizing that there aren´t any useful productive apps on installer.app

  19. Things! :)

  20. I thought that Steve Jobs said that all the Apps., created for the 2.0 demo presentation were going to be FREE when 2.0 & iP3G was released with the App. Store. So why are they charging for Super Monkey Ball? Or is there a free demo version and a paid full version?

  21. i think you should review the super monkey ball or myspace mobile.

  22. I think that all Apps. with a price tag should have a free demo version so that people can actually try it for themselves before they commit their hard earned money.

  23. AirHockey!
    2-player-mode would be interesting. It was pretty tricky to control AirHockey from installer, maybe this one is better?!

  24. Review ForeFlight Mobile. Geeee 70 bucks!!!! That must be one heck of an app!!!

  25. i would love to see you guys review aol instant messenger and see if it uses data or text messages please and thank you

  26. I’d like to see what AIM is like. Also, I’d like to know your opinion on 1.1.4 jailbroken vs 2.0. I really like my custom summerboard theme and I don’t want to give that up so easily. If it’s worth it, though, I’ll upgrade in a heartbeat.

  27. byronchurch says

    DateBk7 !

  28. bigmcq77 says

    i would love for you to review sketches and compare it to the jailbreak version. From the screen shots in itunes it looks amazing

  29. The most expensive to the least. So I know what my money is going for :)

    No need to do the frees. They are easy to do. Install and try. Dats it.


  31. engmo

  32. cassandra says

    you guys do a good job of picking what to review.

  33. Texas Hold’em, please. Although I’ll, of course, check it out myself. Just to see what Apple pulled with it and how much of a competition they’ll be with it.

  34. Just Paul says

    bomber man please.

  35. Can you do a review of the app called “Aqua Forest”, I think it looks like Evolution RGB…

    Here’s a link to it,


  36. Hey yeah I would like to know if tap tap reverge is going to be for free and is there going to be stacks as an application on the app store

  37. BIG NEWS

    Tap Tap Revenge is now up and is COMPLETELY FREE!

  38. Hey Doug. I would like to see a review for the checkbook apps. Mainly PocketMoney & SplashMoney. I’m thinking of getting one of those two, but I’m leaning more towards SplashMoney. They are both $9.99. I’d love to here your opinions. I’ve been visiting this site for a few months and ya’ll haven’t steered me wrong yet.