App Store Developers Playing Dirty?

App Store

If you have been in the App Store lately you may have noticed that developers have started adding spaces, quotes and numbers before the titles of their applications. In doing so, it moves their applications to the top of the list. Not only does this show extreme unprofessionalism by the developer, it makes the App Store look very disorganized. But it doesn’t stop there. It has been rumored that developers are hiring people to write positive reviews on their applications and negative reviews on competitor’s applications. There is probably not much that can be done about fraudulent reviews but, Apple needs to take a stand and regulate the titles of Applications in fear that the App Store will not only turn into a mockery but will affect the overall image of Apple itself.

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  1. thats crazy, i just checked that out. especially them jirbo, inc. people. i mean at least the other developers are trying to do it without being caught, but jirbo is just clearly showing that they want their apps seen.

  2. Greed….

  3. Wow, this is horrible. They’re also putting exclamation points. Have you guys contacted apple to inform them of this? I’m sure they’ll do something about it because it really hurts the system’s fluidity.

  4. Yeah i noticed that. I think Apple should then use a different way of displaying/sorting the apps. Having them alphabetical like that was just asking for it. And with the inevitable influx of applications over the next few months, with most probably being pretty crap, it’s going to be hard to sift through all the duplicates and uninspired apps to find the gems.

    And the reviews/comments on apps are just terrible. Half of them are from people spoiled from jailbreaking who think anything over $0 is overpriced, and others are just plainly negative without warrant.

    • cartoon156 says

      You are right, letting them name the apps is not that good of an idea since it will cause a weird set of names, like —Remote— or something like that.
      The people that leave negative comments when it’s unnecessary are probably people that ask useless questions or people that never even tried the app for themselves. I saw a few first group of reviews from Netter’s Anatomy, and 2 people rated it low because it was overpriced, when the majority of the people rated it high because it was worth it and cheaper than what it’s actually worth. The same goes for people that rate apps unnecessarily high.

    • Yeah you are so right, I was looking at the Labyrinth reviews and there are ppl saying it was too much and that it was free on installer. But they failed to say is that was just for the demo and you had to play for the full ver. That really pissed me off, someone may not get to enjoy it b/c of crap like that.

  5. wow that’s just horrible I dont even know how to respond to that I just hope apple starts investigating whats going on.

  6. Yeah, it’s pretty slimy to rename your app to get it ahead of the others. It seems the newest trend is putting a space in front of the name. It isn’t all developers…only a few. Of course, if the app store is letting people who don’t buy the app comment, then these apps may end up getting loads of negative comments–just deserts IMO.

  7. Ahh, windows developers, hello!

    • thats crazy. there are 3 apps right on the first page that have an ! or ‘ or “. One app even put the price before it to get to the top.

  8. They should just ban them from the app store and delete the apps.

  9. devoloping an app will be the best business ever in getting profits ,,,
    coz if we assume the app selling price average is 1.5$ times only 1 million not the 6 million !!

    1.5$ * 1 million user = 1.5 million $

    FOR an apps dose not cost more than 1000 $ for developing and registering on apple developers

    so they have to have good and silly marketing ppl

  10. Maybe Apple should make it so all punctuation marks and spaces at the beginning of your app name should send it to the back of the pile. That would show them for trying to cheat the system.

  11. Well, I wont say muchabout it. Its Apple’s business !

  12. Wow, that Jibro, Inc has got to go.

  13. god bless the 1st gen iPhone. not even close to thinking about buying 3g (or apple shares for a fact) until all this hooha nonsense settles down.

  14. We were all better with Installer :)

  15. can someone post a pic of the appstore on the iphone itself, is it similar to installer listing? I wonder how much of installer apple copied to create the app store.

  16. I know its a bit off topic, but what is Band like from the app store?

    Does it have the button thing like in the original drummer in installer?

  17. when greed comes into factor..the sense of creativity and fluidity is just not as ideally sound as a product should be. it’s all about money. when that comes’s failure…it’s about ppl first money after…

  18. all I’ve seen is the company aaaplications


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