Safari Adds .net, .edu and .org to .com Button

SafariThe new firmware 2.0 has brought us some great new features. With firmware 2.0 comes new buttons on the keyboard for enter in a web address. When holding down the .com button to the right of the spacebar you can now see .net, .edu and .org also. Just hold down and slide your finger to the option you want and let go. It will drop it in for you!

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  1. yeah i noticed that this morning….
    it’s been a must for quite a while now…

  2. Now i want a CAPS button!

  3. depending on you’re language settings it will add the appropriate Top-Level-Domain (like .de, .es, .it) to the keyboard.

  4. Apple is finally listening to their users feedback. I had mailed Apple support ages ago telling them that there should be .net and .org buttons.

    Too bad I dont have 2.0 firmware. Hurry DevTeam !!

  5. Now we just need a one aswell :(

  6. I the dutch version there’s a .nl button, but .net is missing, very handy though

  7. Deepsleep says

    There is no .ch in the Swiss settings.

  8. When you composing an email you can now hold the dot ( . ) to get the .com/.net option when addressing an email.